To What Extent Do You Think The Modern World Faces A 'dictatorship Of Relativism'?

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To a large extent, the modern world is confronting an overwhelming 'dictatorship of relativism' with Pope Benedict XVI's statement summing up the world's significant loss of the absolute values of life. Contemporary society seems to have lost sight of the certainties of human civilisation such as truth, self-respect and intellect with society advancing to different opinions and ways of life. Growing relativism has raised questions about corporate feudalism and its hidden agendas that lead to the questioning of human morality and the blurring distinction between right and wrong. It seems that equality, egalitarianism and democracy are disappearing behind a growing cloud of consumerism, materialism, politics and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Corporate feudalism is a growing concern in the 21st century post-modern world, with businesses attempting to shape the perception of truth. Industry influences consumers by appealing to their desires. However, in a bid to achieve high profits and provide low prices, corporate organisations stoop to slave labour. To hide their immoral practices, these businesses target impoverished and underdeveloped areas of the world, including Indonesia, China and Africa. Major international clothing and footwear brands such as Nike and Adidas have persisted to abuse human rights laws illegally and cover up their despicable actions in the process. Due to their power and position, these transnationals corporations have managed to create new standards for themselves. These standards not only go against the United Nation's human rights laws but also many countries' and religions' beliefs. Whilst countries strongly disagree with child labour, the poor, developing economy requires them to work for lower wages to fulfil their daily needs such as food and water. In such third world countries, children are malnourished and work ceaselessly, whilst in globalised countries such as America and Australia, child labour laws are more stringent, in these countries, a child carrying a heavy item constitutes to child labour Another instance of such slave abuse by these major corporations is evident in China where women work diligently to the extent of being crippled. However, their wages are significantly lower than that of a fourteen year old child working at Pizza Hut. Undoubtedly, these major corporations are overpowering society by manipulating society's materialistic desires. It's evident that the value of children being children before adults is being compromised. Thus blurring distinction of the concept of truth is clearly evident here with major corporations creating their own standards.With Governments' growing in power as a result of the "dictatorship of relativism," the United Nation's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" is being compromised. While Freedom of speech and Human rights are taken for granted in the wealthier western countries, recently conditions have deteriorated in other parts of the world. The "War on...

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