To What Extent Does Globalization Contribute To Sustainable Prosperity?

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Sustainable prosperity is a very controversial topic. There are a lot of differing opinions about what it is or how it affects us. What is sustainable prosperity? Let’s break it down. Prosperity, it is the idea that all humans needs are met, and they are able to follow a life of happiness. Sustainability, means being able to continue something over generation after generation. We live in a globalizing world today, but to what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity? Globalization promotes sustainable prosperity, but at the same time it is holding it back. But over all it limits the prosperity of all people in many ways. Globalization affects the way we live, and it has negative affects that cause people to live miserable lives.

One way that globalization limits sustainable prosperity is the amount of environmental destruction that occurs in our growing world. For example, a process called shipwrecking is the deconstruction of ships that are no longer able to function properly. The ships are pulled up onto beaches in Bangladesh and are taken apart by workers with blow torches. The ships tend to rust leaving the beaches a reddish orange color. This rust can get into the ocean affecting many other parts of our world. Also, gasses that are produced and released into the environment from the blowtorches help contribute to the already occurring global warming. Another scary fact is that there is nearly one death per day in ship breaking yards, and nearly one quarter of them get some form of cancer due to the harsh chemicals. Ship breaking is a very dangerous job and puts many lives at risk. A big factor that helps wreck the environment is the large manufacturing plants that are located in many different countries. These factories release many dangerous gasses as a bi-product. These toxic fumes can harm workers and families living nearby, along with animals, and also destroys our atmosphere. Another way that the environment is being destroyed is by our large use of cars, boats, planes, trains and other motorized ways of transportation. As the number of people in our world increases so does the amount of fuel consumption. Every day there are more and more cars on the road. Car fumes affect the environment in more ways then you would think. The obvious one is that the harmful gases produced by a running car destroy our ozone layer and contribute to global warming. Also the gases and particulate matters from vehicles can get into soil and water systems. Therefore, affecting the animals that live in or feed of the land. Also, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides are major components in acid rain. Overall the amount of pollution and the ways that we are ruining our environment prevents sustainable prosperity. By definition sustainable means it lasts to the next generation and the generation after that and if we put our world in a state that is hard to live in they will find it difficult to live with prosperity. They will have to fix...

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