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To Remember And Never Forget Essay

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To Remember and Never Forget(Analyzing the poem "Tears, Idle Tears" by Alfred Lord Tennyson)"Tears, Idle Tears" is a passionate and loving poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in which the main theme refers not only to an old passion from the past, but also mentionspast pain and suffering by thinking of "the days that are no more". In this poem, Tennyson is talking about the old men thinking about their youth, in which the beloved had died. This poem does not express real sadness, but rather the desire that people experience for some thing that has passed away from them for ever. This poem is written in open form with an unrhymed pattern. There are five lines in each stanza and every single stanza closes with the phrase "the days that are no more." This poem is a lyrical poem in which the poet is thinking about the past emotionally. He uses a literary device of assonance in this poem which is the repetition of vowel "I"; such as: idle, divine, rise, eyes, pipe, dying, wild and life. In this poem we mostly see the use of simile and metaphor.In the first stanza Tennyson is talking about the tears that are strange and lazy, but he doesn't know what they mean. These idle tears are separated from their source and are gathered to his eyes in some way that (the tears) make him to think about the past. In fact, in Fall, when he looks out on the gorgeous, beautiful and happy fields, the tears rise in his hurt and transfer to his eyes, and that is what makes him think of the past; To "the days that are no more". The poet describes his tears as "idle tears" to suggest that they are caused by no direct, particular pain. However, his tears are the product of a "divine despair". Indeed, they (the tears) have a source: they "rise in the heart" and are caused by a profound and deep source.The poet is using a paradox in the phrase "divine despair": to make us think how despair (hopelessness) can be divine (heavenly)? Tennyson states that he cries while "looking on the happy autumn-fields." At first, it seems strange that looking at something happy would cause tears, but if we think, we see that fields of autumn stand for the memories of a spring and summer that are gone, so it leaves the poet with nothing to look forward to except the chilliness and coldness of winter.In the second stanza, he uses simile to explain that the memory of these days (that are no more) is as fresh as the first beam of sunlight that sparkles on a boat. And this memory can bring the dead ("our friends") back from the underworld.But, meanwhile, the memory is sad as the last red beam of sunlight that shines on a boat which carries the dead ("all we love") down to the underworld. By using this simile, Tennyson describes that the memory of this past; ("the days that are no more") in one hand, is bright and fresh, but in the other hand, it is sad and depressing. In fact, in the second stanza of this poem, two adjectives are used to describe the memory of the past. These adjectives are "fresh and...

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