To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary Grade 9 Assignment

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Aamena Noorbhai
To Kill a Mockingbird- Chapter Summary
Chapter 1:
· It was interesting to learn how Simon Finch fled England and established Finch’s Landing
· When Dill suggests that they should attempt to lure Boo Radley out of his house it was kind of exciting because I wouldn’t (unless I keep reading) but I wouldn’t know if Boo saw them or if something else would happen
Chapter 2:
· I was shocked at the part when Scout first started school and her teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher makes Scout feel guilty for being educated
· I felt bad for Scout when Miss Caroline slapped Scout’s hand with a ruler all because Scout explains how poor Walter
Chapter 3:
· I didn’t really think much about this chapter just because, it was similar to Chapter 2, with Miss Caroline
· I felt a little bad for Scout when she got scolded by Calpurnia, though she did rub Walter’s nose in dirt and criticize him when he put molasses on the vegetables
Chapter 4:
· When Scout found the knothole it was interesting because it was near Boo’s house so you wouldn’t know if Boo or any of the Radley’s had anything to do with it
· During the part where Jem, Scout and Dill were acting out an entire Radley family melodrama, I started to find out more background information about Boo Radley which was helpful for the upcoming chapters
Chapter 5:
· When Scout starts talking with Miss Maudie about Boo, it was a good part of a book because she tells Scout that Boo Radley is still alive and Boo is the son of a “foot-washing” Baptist who believed that most people are going to hell (AKA Boo Radley’s dad)
Chapter 6:
· When Jem, Scout and Dill creep around the house and they see the shadow of a man then hear a shotgun go off, it was scary because when they escape under the fence by the school, and when Jem pants get left behind, you didn’t know if Boo or another Radley would find it and then they find out that Jem was there
Chapter 7:
· When I found out that when Jem found his pants mysteriously mended and neatly hug, I started to get curious to who would have done that
· The two soap figures were fascinating since the book said that the figures resembled Jem and Scout
Chapter 8:
· It was funny when Jem and Scout made a half snow/half dirt man which resembled Mr. Avery
· When Miss Maudie’s house burns down and Boo puts the blanket on Scout, I found it weird since nobody noticed Boo Radley
Chapter 9:
· In this chapter I could see Scout’s confidence; she stood up for her dad when Cecil Jacobs says that “Scout Finch’s daddy defends n*****S.”
· I felt bad for Scout when Uncle Jack spanks her without hearing her side of the story, when she beat up Francis.
Chapter 10:
· When rabid dog came, Scout and Jem (but mostly Jem) saw a whole new side of Atticus; he shot rabid dogs which made the kids think he’s not an old father
Chapter 11:
· When Jem destroys Ms. Dubose’s flowers, I wasn’t that surprised because, if my dad (or mom) was in the position that Atticus and someone was saying those things about them,...

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