To Kill A Mockingbird Comparing The Book To The Movie

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To Kill a Mocking Bird
It is believed, that there are many pieces to the story of To Kill a Mocking Bird left out of the film version of the novel. I agree with this statement, and I am here today to show you four select scenes and/or characters that (in my opinion) were significant to the story. To Kill a Mocking Bird is a coming of age story for two young children, as well as a story that shows that people are not always what they seem to be. The scenes that I have chosen are very important role in supporting to these themes.
The first scene that I believe should have not been left out of the movie is the scene where Miss Maudie’s house burns down. In this scene, Atticus wakes Scout and ...view middle of the document...

Dubose. Mrs. Dubose is an irritable old lady who always yells at the kids as the walk by her house. Atticus warns Jem to be a nice to her, because she is elderly and very sick. One day she tells the children that Atticus isn’t any better than the black people that he works for and calls him trash. After hearing this Jem becomes very angry and destroys Mrs. Dubose’s bushes. As punishment, Jem has to go to her house and read books to her every day for a month. When Jem went to her house, Scout always came along. Every day they had to tolerate Mrs. Dubose’s mistreatment. A little over a month goes by after Jem’s punishment ends, and they learn that Mrs. Dubose has passed away. After her death, Atticus tells Jem that Mrs. Dubose was addicted to morphine, and that it helped her fight her addiction when Jem read to her. Atticus gives Jem a box that Mrs. Dubose left for him that contained one of the flowers that was on the bushes he destroyed.
I believe that this should be included in the movie because it is a great lesson that Jem learned in the story. It also does a great job of supporting the “coming of age” theme. Jem made a mistake and had to own up to what he did. This really helped Jem in his journey to becoming a mature young man. It helped him to control his temper and to respect his elders.
Another significant part that was left out of the film version of the movie is Uncle Jack Finch. Jack Finch is an important character in the scout’s “coming of age” theme. When Jack arrives in Maycomb, Scout begins swearing in front of him. After dinner, Scout sits on Jack’s lap and he tells her not to swear in front of him. On Christmas Day, the Finch family go to Finch’s Landing, this is where Atticus’ sister, Alexandra, and her husband live. This is where Scout meets Francis, she thinks he is boring. Also she has to deal with Aunt Alexandra who believes that Scout should dress like a lady and stop wearing pants. While there, Scout gets into a fight with Francis because he calls Atticus a “Nigger Lover.” Francis tells on Scout and Jack...

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