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To Kill A Mockingbird Essay On Fear

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Overcoming barriers to growth
Every child has a fear, it’s either real or imaginary. Fear plays a significant role in child’s lives as they think their fears will never disappear. But as children grow throughout their lives their fears vanish. In to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the theme of fear is well represented throughout the novel. Lee demonstrates a lot of events where Jean Louise Finch (Scout) a young girl has fears but as she is growing she loses all of them. Every fear that Scout overcomes is from the help of her growth. For Scout, growing up means losing her fear of the unknown. There are lots of fears that Scout loses in the novel which ...view middle of the document...

Scout escapes and sees a man carrying Jem home, there she hears that Bob has died. Scout began off by fearing her dad’s safety but as time went on she had to take care of herself as well. After hearing the news of Bob’s death Scout lost the fear of Atticus’s safety and the fear of Bob Ewell.
To start off, Scout has a great relationship with Jem however once Dill comes along she starts to fear that her relation with Jem will drift apart. Charles Baker Harris also known as Dill comes from the Meridian to Maycomb every summer to live with his aunt Miss Rachel Haverford. Dill is very interested in Boo Radley and all three of them play a game called “Boo Radley” where they act out the entire Radley family. But once Atticus catches them playing, Scout decides that it’ll be best to not play again, Jem then tells her to get lost. Jem and Dill grow closer to one another and start to exclude Scout from their plans. Days after, Dill and Jem decide to go to Boo’s house and Scout wasn’t sure if she wanted to go, “Scout, I’m tellin you for the last time, shut your trap or go home,” (pg 52) said Jem. She decides to go but as they got close to the Radley’s house they hear a gunshot and they run back home where Jem’s pants get stuck onto the fence. Jem was quiet for a few days after that experience, but when Scout and Jem were walking home from school he tells Scout what happened when he went to go get his pants back, “When I went back … they were all in a tangle.” (pg 58) said Jem. Scout knew that day that her relationship with Jem hasn’t changed. Dill was basically in the middle of both Jem and Scout, he brings Jem into the world of boys and leaves Scout out which scares her. Scout fears her relationship with Jem at first but as she grows she has a stronger bond with Jem.
Scout fears that if she acts like a lady people will treat her different. She was embarrassed to wear a dress to church, school, and even when she wanted to play. She wasn’t interested in boys or dresses and dolls. Everything changes once Aunt Alexandra arrives and stays with her to give her a feminine influence. Aunt Alexandra who was Atticus’s sister was given a fine welcome in Maycomb. Alexandra doesn’t like how Scout dresses as a tomboy and acts like one. She pressures Scout to begin acting more like a lady, “I could… do nothing in a dress,” (pg 81) said Scout. Scout didn’t care what her aunt said, there was no way she was going to act ladylike. Next day Aunt Alexandra invites ladies over for tea and she forces Scout to wear a dress and act proper ladylike in front of the ladies. Scout does a tremendous job of following Aunt...

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