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To Kill A Mockingbird, Examining Themes

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Aryan CheemaMr. Rivas - GonzalezENG2D7-0426 November 2013To Kill a Mockingbird: Adult versus Youth perspectiveEducation as a whole conveys an idea which influenced the mind of many through the course of time. Different forms of education often identifies one for whom they are, education is expressed in many forms as social and formal education can express peoples beliefs, motives and emotions. One such novel is to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The children's perspective of the Tom Robinson case; the different understandings of the Caste system; and the unawareness of the passing time and money undoubtedly concludes that children in To Kill a Mockingbird show a less prejudice view of their social life. The adults and youth in to Kill a Mockingbird understand the social community in different ways, affecting their perspective on the social commentary throughout the novel.The Caste system is a social structure in Maycomb where people are assigned a level of social status. Maycomb is a poverty stricken town because of the Depression, the youth have not realised this as they dont understand the value of wealth in Maycomb. 'Are we as poor as the Cunningham's?', 'Not exactly. The Cunningham's are country folks, farmers, and the crash hit them hardest.'(Lee, 6) Atticus explains however the Cunningham's are farmers, and they are below them on the Caste system. They earn less money, and need to work daily on farms. Scout begins to understand the difference between them. Scout also has an epiphany when she hears Calpurnia speak like a Negro. 'Again I thought her voice strange: she was speaking like the rest of them' (Lee, 159). Scout does not recognise Calpurnia's voice, and it is as if a stranger is speaking to her. She connects in her head how Calpurnia speaks white to them, but like a negro with her friends. The difference in speech helps differentiate the different Caste levels. Scout has just learned of this, so we can assume that prior to this scene, she thinks of their speech as the same. Scout evidently does not have any prejudice as she considers all people equal. This difference of speech is a shock to her. When Atticus is called a nigger-lover by Cecil Jacobs, Scout takes offence. 'He had announced in the school yard that Scout Finch's daddy defended niggers'(Lee, 99). It is uncommon, and considered unnatural for different Caste levels to mix. The fact that the high scale Finch's are defending the low level blacks is unheard of, almost a disgrace, Scouts lack of knowledge proves that she is unfamiliar with these hidden rules in society. As examples of youth, Scout and Jem prove that youth do not separate people on their Caste level, but on their identity. They do not base their views on people by their race, or the way they look.Time and money play a prevalent role in the development of the plot in to Kill a Mockingbird. Money and material goods are rarely mentioned in this book, due to the scarcity of money. This in fact; shapes much social...

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