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The book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, is a classic coming of age literature that explores ideas that every generation should be aware of. It is mainly the story of a young girl growing up in Maycomb, Alabama. Scout lives in the era of racism and injustice and she would find herself in the middle of it. As she narrates her life, I encountered various life lessons that I found a connection in my own expirience growig up.
Atticus is an intelligent man and he gives out one of the best advices that I have ever heard. He shared the piece of wisdom about courage with Jem which is that courage is not a man who has a gun in his hand. For as long as I could remember, I belived that brute force is a sign of courage. I was always the person that never bows down or coward in fear. When I am in difficult situations, I often find myself thinking that I won’t die today or atleast wouldn’t go down without a good fight. As I mature I saw that it wasn’t always ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Dolphus Raynond is like the black sheep of the town through the eyes of the people of Maycomb County. He shed some light to Scout on why he lives the life he is living. The town’s folks don’t like him because he’s married to a black woman and he has mixed babies. They say, him being a drunkard is the only reason that justifies his choices in life. In truth he is just drinking coke and purposely pretends to be drunk in mid day so the people wouldn’t bother him. I this theme is close to home for me. Growing up in a contained home, communist-like school system and a vantriloquistic society, I was expected to be a robot, expected to; act, eat, breath, live a certain way. I always hated all the cultural norms in my society so I struggled to break free. I was often judged and frowned upon because it wasn’t up to standards. Like Mr. Raymond said, I say the hell with them. There was a time that I purposely defied people just to see them disappointed in me to make a point: that I refuse to be anyone’s puppet. With this thought I realized that what other people see or say about me isn’t important at all.
After Jem and Scout’s confrontation with Mrs. Dubose, Atticus explained that people have their own right of opinion about the case against Tom Robinson. Jem feels that Atticus is in the wrong side of the fence but Atticus tells that he needs to do the right thing before he can face other people. Being comfortable with myself is far greater than impressing other people. No one can ever please everyone therefore trying to be someone you’re not would only cause damage to yourself. I feel like Mr. Raymond and Atticus would get along very well because they have the same views in life although they have different ways of portraying it. I feel that Atticus’ chivalry is in contrast to Mr. Raymond’s ingnorance.
Its story is not far from reality, to this day the issues that have been discussed in this book is still of relevance. With the morals that take place here, I can strongly agree that I can relate to the themes of courage, cultural norms and conscience.

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