To Kill A Baby, Or Not To Kill?

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Imagine yourself as a young woman who is scared and shaken because you just found out you were pregnant. The guy whom you thought you would spend the rest of your life with has now left you because he does not want to get involved with a baby. You are only 15 years old with three years of school left ahead of you. Your father is a well-respected businessman, and your mother is the secretary at one of the local churches. You are afraid to tell anyone because you are ashamed and do not want to let your family down. You spend most of your time panicking inside because you have no one to turn to for help. Then, while scrambling inside your brain to find a solution, a commercial you heard a few months ago pops into your head. It was a commercial advertising Planned Parenthood, and in this commercial you heard that Planned Parenthood has members available that are kind of like coaches, if you will, to talk to about your pregnancy. You decide to go, and you tell your "coach" your story. She listens contentedly. Once you are finished, she suggests that abortion would be the right thing for you to do. You are in complete shock and are so confused about your whole situation, and you do not know whether to agree or disagree. What would your life-changing decision be?It is not often that we hear about the things that pro-life and pro-choice activists would agree upon. Both would agree that this particular situation, and any other situation similar to this one, would be rather frightening. Both groups would agree that no one, including themselves, would like to be in any situation like this. Both would also agree that life is important, and it is sacred, whether it is the life of the mother or the life of the unborn child, and they would agree that life needs to be preserved and cherished. The pro-choice groups have the life of the mother in their best interest, and the pro-life groups have the baby's life in their best interest. But in the situation of abortion, one side is going to lose, because if the baby is not aborted when the mother wants to abort, her life is ruined for the most part, and if the baby is aborted, that baby will not have a chance at life.Pro-choice activists are for the choice of the pregnant woman. They feel that the mother has the right to decide what she does with her body. Why do they not take into consideration the choice of the unborn child? They may feel that the fetus is not a person. It us just another part of the body like the tonsils or appendix that can be removed without a problem. I, on the other hand, feel that this is completely untrue. This unborn child has a heart. It has lungs. It begins to develop facial features at eight weeks. It is able to turn about in the womb and suck its thumb at around nine to ten weeks. My two beautiful cousins were born three months early, and they looked exactly like perfect little babies, only they were smaller. They were so beautiful, and to think that abortions take place at this time...

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