To Kill Or Not To Kill

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Animal testing began many decades ago with the intent to advance the world of science. Today, we have come a long way, but, have the testing methods become less unethical? The U.S estimates that 18.5 million animals per year, which is 50,700 per day or one every 1.7 seconds are used for testing. (Biba). Animal testing is a cruel and unethical method for testing purposes because alternative methods have been proven more effective and accurate than animal testing, and animals are harmed during procedures and not given any medication for pain. Also, how have the different parts of the world banned or taken action to stop animal testing? In 2014 we have made many alternative methods to stop animal testing and they will only get better and better as the years go on. Many animals are mistreated and scientists are carless of the animals. With all of these new advancements, how has the face of animal testing changed today?
Many people may argue that animal testing is right and is the only way we can find cures for diseases and test products used for humans. Helen Pycroft has said “Without the ability to use animals in their research, scientists' efforts would be massively hampered, not only in the direct development of new treatments, but also in the fundamental research which underpins all biomedical knowledge.” (Pycroft). Although animal testing has resulted in many medical advancements, cures, and knowledge millions of animals are harmed each year. 92 out of 100 tests done on animals then fail in humans. There are many different alternatives and much more ethical ways we can test on animals.
Throughout animal testing many alternative methods have been created resulting in more accuracy and effectiveness in the average human. Even the most genetically modified animals cannot mimic the human body. Over the past 10 years, scientists have discovered many alternatives to animal testing. Scientist have begun to replace animal cells with human cells. In a recent study, scientists have stated that 90 percent of drugs that pass animal testing later fail in human trials. Ray Greek, the president for medical advancement has stated, “We have known for decades that animals cannot predict human response to drugs or disease.”(Greek). One alternative method that has been discovered is organs on a chip. The thumb size devices contain a layer of human cells that push blood through them like a normal organ. So far Harvard has created gut on a chip and lung on a chip. Gut on chip mimics the effect of muscular contractions in your stomach. Lung on a chip mimics the effect of breathing by exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. Scientists are now working on making a heart, bone marrow and brain tissue. A second alternative method is computer models. Scientists have been creating maps to simulate the entire human body, all the way down to the molecule. Some of the models are human, virtual, and computed simulators. Over 95 percent of medical...

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