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To Learn...Or Not To Learn Essay

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Have you ever been a student, and you think the teacher is just talking to hear themselves
talk? Do you feel yourself being filled with information you will never use in the “Real World”?
These questions have been asked many times and by many people. The school system in the
United States is changing from the foundation to the top. The school system has failed many
students by their teaching methods and also the textbooks students are forced to use. People such
as Paulo Freire PhD and Dr. James Loewen have observed countless hours of good teaching and
bad teaching methods. Freire observed and wrote about the different methods of teaching that are
being used, and Loewen wrote about how the textbooks are only telling us certain parts of
our history.
Paulo Reglus Neves Freire, PhD was born in Brazil on September 19, 1921 and died May
2, 1997. Paul Freire was well known for his theories on education. His most noteworthy work
was “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”. In 1993 an exert essay "The Banking Concept of Learning”
appeared in continuum. This essay brings to light many ideas current students and alumni have
long known; teachers are just using the students head as receptacles for their knowledge. Freire
noted many ideas on this subject that are true. Just set back and remember your high school
classes or even your college classes. A few examples of one concept Freire named the
“narrative” concept is when the teacher teaches and the students learn, the teacher issues
discipline and the students are the recipient and the teacher confuses the knowledge with their
own professional authority, in which this limits the freedom of creativity for the students.
Teaching such as the “narrative” concept terrorizes that the human is adaptable. We can adapt to
a certain way of learning.
All though “narrative” learning has been observed and proven to be non-productive;
Freire noticed there was a better way for students to learn. This way of learning is called the
“problem-posing” concept. In many ways, the “problem-posing” concept is very much different
than the “narrative” concept. The most important is the teacher has the ability to allow students
to be more creative and use critical thinking. Another factor in the “problem solving” concept is
it teaches real life problems. Teaching students real life problems allows them to adapt to post
class room thinking. The “problem-posing” concept also switches the teacher and student roles
by allowing the students to be the teachers, and the teachers to be students. This goes back to the
old saying “You never get to educated to lean.
As well as the teaching and learning practices, there is another issue that has been
brought to light about the educational system. Dr. James Loewen a sociologist who spent two
years at the Smithsonian surveying twelve leading high school textbooks of American history.
Has written many books about history, but “The Lies My...

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