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How many people have to be killed, raped, or robbed before citizens around the world decide the death penalty is a necessity? Choices vary, but the determination of life and death doesn’t necessarily have to come as a surprise or accident. The death penalty should remain in motion for these reasons: the death penalty significantly reduces the number of violent crimes, it costs a lot of money to house violent criminals, and violent criminals can not be rehabilitated.

Violent Crime Drops
The death penalty significantly reduces the number of violent crimes. In the state of Louisiana, murder rates have dropped by 6.7%, per 100,000 people, from 1996 to 2012 (“What’s”). Although many people believe that capital punishment is unfair, it’s still been proven true that it has helped reduce crime in numerous communities around the world. Innocent children have even been caught in the line of gunfire and many have not survived. Protection of a community and its people should be a top priority. For a long time, many researchers were unsure of why this drastic drop occurred, but it was soon determined that the death penalty played a significant role. The surprises didn’t stop there.

The Expense Of Housing Criminals
It costs a lot of money to house violent criminals. Assessments from Judge Arthur Alarcon and Prof. Paula Mitchell in California concluded that one billion dollars was spent in 2011 just for incarcerating criminals until their execution was established (Death). Money that goes to taxes to help supply the hospitality for these criminals could instead be spent on things that the taxpayer needs. Taxpayers dollars are being put to use by housing people that have killed people, robbed, raped, and abused people. Do they deserve to get a nice meal every day and a bed to sleep in for what they’ve done to be there in the first place? As this chart shows, California’s Corrections and Rehabilitation budget can reach over 7 billion dollars. How much of the average person’s tax dollars are put to use for this cause? Putting criminals behind bars means they still have a chance to be released, in some way, shape, or form, putting criminals behind bars is like asking the public to supply currency to house the criminals and feed them. Another thing that may not be considered “fair” in a lot of peoples’ minds is the privileges that those inmates possess: allowing time out of their cell to participate in physical activity or to lounge around, play games, watch television, go outside, lift weights, and some even take educational classes while incarcerated for a better future, if...

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