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To Lose One’s Heart Essay

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The moment I finished reading “A Complaint” by William Wordsworth, I was flooded with memories of loves that I have lost. I immediately recalled that feeling of hopelessness, when you realize what you had will never be again. Each love that floods or fills our heart is unique, but somehow the loss of those loves bares the same similarity. When that love is gone you feel impaired, hopeless and “poor” (1). The feelings of love and loss expressed in Wordsworth’s poem are universal; love is not limited to male and female, it could be friend or family. Love can be life giving, not the physical gift of life, but a reason to live and exist. So if love can give life, then losing love can take life, removing your reason to exist or get up and keep going. This poem is the embodiment of romantic poetry, after all can you truly experience what loving someone means if you never experienced loss.
Wordsworth begins with “Your love hath been, nor long ago, /A fountain at my fond hearts door” (2-3) expressing to the reader that the love he once shared with someone is no longer reciprocated, it is left to the reader to interrupt how the love was taken. Is Wordsworth speaking of death or did the person whom the poet writes, choose to stop loving in return. It is made clear the loss of love does not appear to be the poets choice and there seems to be undertones of disdain expressed by Wordsworth because he cannot change the situation. The loss is permanent. The use of the imagery of the fountain “whose only business it was to flow” (4) provides a picture of the plethora of emotions that flood you when you open your heart to love. Many of us do not realize there is a void or need in our hearts, until suddenly, the love that fills us is gone. In this line, “And flow it did; not taking heed/ of its own bounty, or my need” (5-6), Wordsworth seems to resent that a void has been left with no way for it to be filled. It is as if he is asking, why did I love so much, just to have it taken away? The individual whom the poem is written about does not seem to realize the power or effect of their love; which makes you wonder if they felt as strongly as the poet, or if they knew how strongly the poet felt for them.
In the second stanza, Wordsworth is reliving the “bliss” (8) from the relationship. A trip down memory lane. You almost feel as though he saw the person from a distance and was overcome with all the feelings he once had. The truth and depth of his love is evident in this stanza. It is rare that we think so fondly of past loves that choose to be a part from us. Most relationships when ended by choice, leave negative feelings or are soon forgotten; except those that qualify as “living love” (10), best described as true love. Not long after experiencing those joyous memories, reality came back and they were washed away leaving feelings of torture and agony. “What have I? Shall I dare to tell?”(11) Indicates that the happy memories have stopped, he is...

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