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To Love Or Not Love Essay

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Was it love or infatuation? The tears won’t stop flowing and the trip home is endless! Love isn’t too be taken lightly, nor used loosely! Rachel has enjoyed and hated love.
Rachel is no spring chicken, but the years have been kind to her. With the body of an athlete and the face of a model, Rachel Lewis is a 44 year old mocha colored single mother of two beautiful daughters, Megan and Anna. She works as a department store manager for the local store, Top Sport’s Apparel. For 10 years, Rachel’s main focus has been on raising her babies and excelling on the job. Being single is the least of her concerns until she realizes that all ...view middle of the document...

Finally, Rachel says, “So, as you know Kali, your girl hasn’t been out on a date since the divorce. I need love (in her LL Cool J’s voice)! I am thinking about vacationing in Hawaii! What do you think?” Kali screams and yells, “My prayers have been answered! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”
Kali continues to question her and decides to plan the entire trip for Rachel. She can’t renege because the trip to Hawaii is a gift from Kali. There is no turning back! Rachel is stuck and fear grips her like a bear hug squeezing the air from her lungs. She gulps a little chardonnay to calm her nerves.
Ironically, during dinner the girls question their mom about her plans. They hate leaving her alone and remind her of their ages. Meagan is 15 and Anna is 13. Sadness takes over because Rachel realizes the years are quickly passing. Rachel holds back the tears as she shares her plans. The girls are rejoicing and speak in unison, “Go, Stella! Enjoy life and stop being such a mommy.” Rachel can’t believe her ears! She always thought dating would make them think less of her. A sigh of relief escapes Rachel’s lips.
The two days fly by! Prior to their departure to California, the girls and Rachel go to the mall to update her wardrobe. Megan and Anna talk their mommy into purchasing brightly colored sundresses, matching sandals and bathing suits. No more grays, blacks, browns or beiges that cause her to fade into the scenery! The two girls want their mommy to be noticed and swept off her feet during her vacation in Hawaii.
The next morning Rachel sits in first class on the flight, anticipation engulfs Rachel and sleep isn’t in the plans. She imagines the sand, water and the luau, historic monuments, and so much more. Kali has booked the ultimate Hawaii experience tour and is insisting on Rachel going beyond the hotel walls.
As the plane lands, Rachel sees the beautiful view and feels like a kid in a Toys R Us. At the baggage claim, she sees a gentleman holding up a card displaying her name. It is just like Kali to plan down to the smallest detail. The chauffeur opens the door for Rachel and places her luggage into the limousine. There is fresh fruit and champagne for her to enjoy; the ride to the five star hotel relaxes Rachel even the more!
The hotel is breathtaking and the surrounding area reminds Rachel of a beautiful painting she once seen on a calendar. As she steps out of the limo, she notices a very mysteriously dark man with the body of a professional body builder standing near the curb. He is tall but his face was hidden by a large panama hat and shades. Rachel thinks to herself, there stands her Prince Charming! Rachel shakes the thoughts from her head.
A smile replaces the usual frown as she eagerly accepts her lei and drink from the hotel greeters. She is led to her room and decides to shower before dinner. Rachel puts all her clothes away and stands on the balcony in awe. Maui is breath taking and the smell is...

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