To Marry Or To Cohabit Essay

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Over the last two decades, one particular trend in relationship between men and women has becoming ingrained in our aristocracy and despite of its prominent fame and influence among the American populace-an estimated 60% of the total American couples are cohabiters (Stanley, Whitton, & Markman, 2004)--, cohabitation has been consistently associated with divorce and marital affliction (Stanley, 2006). The term "cohabitation" is derived from the root word "cooperate" (indicating a sense of proximity) and the word "habitat" which is a scientific term meaning "a place to live". Assimilating the two words together, cohabitation could be introduced as a kind of relationship between two people in which they live a shared-married-like life together, under one same roof, without any legal or religious sanctions. Besides the fact that I was personally moved and concerned with this particular American cultural trend, the reason I chose "Cohabitation" as the main theme of my paper is also to warn people that cohabitation-although has becoming mundane and embedded in our society--is far from being regarded as absolute and uncompounded in term of its operation as a whole (as I would explain what I meant in the body paragraphs). Hence, the main goal of this piece of writing would be to establish greater knowledge and understanding about the cohabitation as the starring guest; the background of its emergence, the potential problem that is derived from it and last not least, to close into a conclusion in the case of bringing cohabitation into justice by coming up of an attainable solution.We undergo many transitions during our life periods; some experience more than others but no matter how tremendous or minute the shifts are, we could never stop the unpreventable to stop occurring, as we could never inhabit the rotating motion of the earth. I found a parallel dynamic relation between the transitions that occur in our lifestyles somehow breathe together with the intrinsic motion of the world within the universe. One good example in this case would be that the change in the social normative of the American society in the case of premarital cohabitation started with many general beliefs which are mostly associated and developed due to globalization factors, such as fashion, education, technology, wealth, and career; as they are all what the world care about. A survey from the University of Michigan called "Monitoring the Future" survey establishes the findings that more and more young generation, particularly women, believe that "marriages are no more appealing than being singles". This is also proven by the fact that there is an upward trend in the average women marital age group In the United States from the age of 22 in the year of 1990 to the age of 26 in 2006 (the U.S Bureau of the Census. The fundamental basis for this trend of attitude towards marriage's delay is differed relatively to gender, age, status, wealth, and education. In the case of the poor...

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