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"To Move From A Biblical Text To Its Salvific Meaning For The Present Time Various Hermeneutic Procedures Are Employed". To What Extent You Consider Scientific Hermeneutics To Be Important

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Often you hear people say: "Just read the Bible and do what it says!" The problem with this attitude is that different people, even though they read the same Bible, come to very different conclusions about what it actually says or the teenager who says "the Bible is just written by people from a long, long time ago and doesn't have any meaning for me at all now". In my Parish of Kiama in Australia, some people also tend to think of the Bible as "God's little instruction book for life." While there is some truth in this as the Bible certainly does contain much teaching on how to live, it is far more than just an instruction manual. It is the written ...view middle of the document...

Another parishioner, was unsure why St Paul's writings were so different to the Gospels?How do we deal with these common experiences and questions for people on their journey to God? Do we leave them to struggle and say just read it and it will make sense or do we engage with them assisting them to discover ways in which to interpret the Bible and find its most probable meaning and therefore "break open the Word" more fully for themselves.The Church realizing this difficulty in interpreting the Bible has tried to provide clarity at different times in history. The most prominent documents were Proventisimus Deus (Most Provident God) in 1893 by Pope Leo XXIII which emerged out of a period of time as a reaction against rationalism that was taking hold emphasizing the human and divine elements of the Bible. This was followed by Pope Pius XII 1943 encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu that focused more on people within the Catholic Church to continue to use a critical-scientific method in interpreting the Bible. Then in 1964, the Biblical Commission issued Instructio de historica evangelorium veritate (Instruction on the Historical Truth of the Gospels) which was very explicit in its support of scientific hermeneutics in interpreting the Bible and finally we come to The Biblical Commissions document The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church issued in 1993 which emphasized again scientific hermeneutics but in particular the historical-critical method which is the major reference source for this paper.

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