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To Move To Process Management Should Be Connected With An Overarching Strategic Initiative: Assess This Statement In The Light Of Current Developments In Is Thinking And Business Practice.

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Organisations face more and more competitions in market as well as increasing customer expectations in the market. Because of this, companies are having to update their business practices and IS thinking to be even more responsive to their customers and competitions. Within the last decade, information technology emerged as an essential tool to give businesses a competitive advantage. Such as the Wal-Mart, the world's largest and most profitable retailer has used information technology to grow the essential the part of the company. Wal-Mart's point-of-sale system is an essential part of its business of providing a wide range of merchandise at low prices to the costumers (Alter 1996, p. 52). The more businesses change, they must worry about how to manage their business processes and aligned them with business objectives and strategic directions.As Munive-Hernandez, et al. (2004) mentioned, businesses have more competition in global markets where responsiveness to changes within these markets is the key to success and survival. Therefore, business strategies need to be always re-defined to effectively follow every requirement of customers and to respond to changes in the business environment. The process of generating strategies are not just a decision-making task and change business and corporate strategies are often generated without considering the structure of the business, particularly at operational level. Furthermore, there is considerable vagueness in the literature and in practice about what constitutes strategy management. a business process management of the strategy generation process to ensure consistent generation and communication of strategy throughout an organisation.The Information Technology (IT) Interaction Model (Silver, Markus & Beath, 1995) shows that the impacts of an information system for a company come out over time as the result of the interaction of the system with the company. The effects of an information system follow from interactions between the system's design features and the organizational contextwhich includes the organization's external environment as well as such internal elements of the organization as its strategy, structure, and culture.Figure 1: IT interaction model (Silver, Markus & Beath 1995)Business processes in the figure are a group of behaviors, often cutting across the main functional boundaries within organizations to achieve the organisation's task, such as, sales, manufacturing, and engineering, others). Examples of business processes include order fulfillment, materials purchase, and new product development. Business processes involve use people, information, and other recourse to create value for internal or external customers. The steps are related in time and place, have beginning and end, and have inputs and outputs. The process creates finished good, then pass to the internal customer to deliver the process, the process provide goods to an external customer (Alter 1996, p....

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