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To Much Madness To Handle Essay

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There I was meditating in the middle of tai-kwon-do class when the spy agency P.A. went blaring off. The Zoggar agency secretary came on “Kobe Willis please report to the headmaster’s office immediately”
“Geez Louise” cursed Kobe Willis “what does it take for a man to meditate for five whole minutes around here.” Just as Kobe finished muttering out his sentence, the agency P.A. went blaring of a second time in five minutes. But this time the secretary’s announcement was different!
“Kobe Willis do NOT take your time, and Brandi Brooks please come to the headmaster’s office as well. The whole tai-kwon-do class began going ooohhh but Kobe did not mind one bit and slowly his face spread out in a ...view middle of the document...

The headmaster’s anouncement was quick.
“Let’s get right to the point ok guys; you two are going on a mission too stop Brent Black lll and his side kick Jose Macklin. See it was believed that eco four was trying to stop Black and his men. But we think there on his side and are trying to help him get world domination! You will be sent to the Vienna opera house and be staying in their top suite but you will be on black like a moth to a light as soon as the proof is crystal clear we take him down!” boomed the headmaster
“Okee-dokee headmaster when do we leave” questioned Kobe
“Tonight” announced the headmaster a moment of thinking. “You will take the seven forty seven straight to Vienna. The flight is around two hours and will take off at twenty three o‘clock, understood?”
“Understood” the duo said in sync “jinx owe me a coke” laughed Brandi as they walked out of the room then sprinted to the dorms to prepare for there journey. They ride to Vienna was peaceful but the two knew that it would last for long. As soon they checked in at the opera house almost instantaneously fell asleep as tomorrow they had their big day.
“Ahhhh” Kobe had a deep yawn as he woke up to discover Brandi standing over him with a bucket of ice cold water and ready to splash him. But Kobe gave an ear splitting shriek and hopped up into his fighting position that he was taught in tai-kwon-do class Brandi backed away slowly put the bucket water down. After Kobe discovered that she was ready to get going on her search but they didn’t have to look far as Kobe looked out his window he saw Black sitting down with Macklin. Kobe knew something suspicious was up because it was seven hours before the opera house opened. And the smug look that shined on Blacks face in the noon day sun. Kobe threw on some slacks and chased after Brandi as she was headed north-east while black was south-west. After two minutes of nonstop sprinting Kobe caught Brandi and told about everything he had seen.
“That bucko is going to get his smile ripped off clean, and then we’ll see who’s smiling” she laughed with the sound of an angel with a slight sound of anger.
“Ha-Ha” Kobe laughed nervously and then got distracted by a sound coming from down the hall way “jumpin jimnies cried Kobe it was black and he was Macklin and eco four! The six men walked down the hall.
“Hoo boy” giggled Brent “this is my final atomic bomb and when it’s planted we will be gone and in Egypt.”
“Yah” screeched Macklin “we have five bombs planted the entire population of Europe will be wiped out” he laughed. All this time those six brainless men didn’t realize that Brandi brooks had swooped in behind them, and was ready to hurt someone. The devilish look in her eye made every hair Kobe’s body stand up. Then it happened Brandi jumped up high and delivered to swift kicks to the back of the two men’s legs mean while delivering two powerful karate chops to the side of the men’s neck. All the men where crumpled and lay very still...

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