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To My Son Much Advice Essay

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I am 32 years old my son is now two, his birthdays is only six days after mine. Only because he was late, his should have been the same as mine. He looks so much like me, my hair my eyes. But he has a lot of his mother to. When I think about the poem Advice to my son, I feel that some parts are what I would say to my boy. The poem is based on the year 1932 so the times are changed. But giving smart advice to your children always stays the same.
My wife tells me that I need to grow done that I act to old. “The kids are being kids” she would say. The first sentence in the poem is “The trick is, to live your days as if each one may be your last”. (9) have some fun in your life joke around; play games, if you don’t your life is going to go by so fast before you know it you’re going to be so old you can’t even walk. But you also can’t joke around too much because you have to make thing be important. You have to go to school and that’s no joke, you have to concentrate do all your work. You then have to either further your education or get a job.
I think when Peter states “Therefore, marry a pretty girl after see her mother;” He means that you can get a idea of what the girl is going to be like and look like by comparing her to her mother. If her mother is a good cook then the pretty girl may know how to cook buy learning from her mother. There is an old saying like mother like daughter, And that’s funny because my daughter is just like my wife they have the same attitude and loud mouth there one of the same. I guess that is true for the saying like father like son, it seems to me that my son was born knowing what football was, loves the game just like me.
Advice to my son is things that you tell your boy, like how you have see things growing up or advice that your father gave to you. My father told me that, “You don't know everything, and you think you do. As the brain wires itself for the final time around 14 or 15,...

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