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To Play Or Not Essay

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Although professional sports are very popular, did you know that less than 1% of high school athletes ever make it to the pros? (Smith). Such a small percent, yet so many high schoolers play sports because sports are the cool and popular thing to do. Most children played sports since they were in preschool. Travel sports start around first grade and most parents tell their kids to go out and play so they get involved in these sports. A lot of time and money is spent to train the young athletes. Many have questioned whether competing in these sports is good for teens and if the desire to win for some has taken over the “fun” aspect. However, the number of young people involved in ...view middle of the document...

The kids don’t want to be yelled at and the coaches are playing to win rather than to teach them sportsmanship and keep them healthy.

Another problem that teens often face in competitive sports is that they train so hard that it is too much for their bodies to handle and they frequently get hurt.The training that teens, especially high school athletes, endure is frequent and intense. It contributes to the physical stress placed on teens. According to Mark Hyman who has written three books about youth sports “..half of reported youth sports injuries are caused by simple overuse” LaVoi maintains that the stress “is too hard on their still-growing bodies”. They are physically exhausted and they have injuries to show it. Geier agrees and also adds that injuries that used to only affect professional athletes now affect younger athletes. The intenseness of the sports is causing injuries in young athletes because they are putting too much physical stress on their bodies.

The stress that athletes face would be worth it if it turned into a career someday. However, as I stated before, less than 1% make it to the pros. There is too much focus on sports instead of academics. Earl Smith, sociologist and author of the book “Race, Sport, and the American Dream” is very persistent in the belief that getting a good education is more important than trying to get a scholarship. He declares competitive sports has a “very low probability for success and from a purely pragmatic standpoint, these same young athletes would be better off pursuing an education…”. The reason that this is a mindset is because of society. Geier explains that “The dreams of college scholarships and multimillion dollar pro contracts are certainly enticing.” Even if students play a college-level sport, most will never make a living from it. There is too much focus and pressure put on sports that will never lead to a career instead of...

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