To Play Or Not To Play

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Pop! Snap! Bang! Those are the sound effects of the new fad video game, Bloons Monkey City. Whoever thought that popping balloons using monkeys that throw darts would be so amusing and slightly educational? Ninja Kiwi did when they first established the Bloons Tower Defense series. Bloons Monkey City is the greatest non-violent computer game made ever, not compared to other games created by Ninja Kiwi.
In Bloons Monkey City, players have the freedom to choose their own strategy and design to their village. states “…pop your way from a modest settlement to a thriving metropolis.” To increase the excitement even more, a new blimp called the Dark Dirigible Titan has been revealed. Do you dare to take this monstrous phenomenon?
The producers to Ninja Kiwi were sitting in their conference room telling jokes when one of them stood up and said, “Eureka! I have an idea that could take us to the top.” His idea was the game Bloons. Players play as a simple monkey throwing darts in order to pop their way through 50 levels. Bloons is based on the fact that popping balloons is fun. It not only is fun but educational in such ways that you have to come up with a strategy and determine what angles to shoot the darts in order to pop all the balloons.
Although Bloons was so popular, it was very easy and became boring quickly. That’s why video game producers created the Bloons Tower Defense series. In 2007 BTD 1 was released. There was ONLY one map and just five types of monkey towers players could disperse around the battlefield. This was such a hit that they made a sequel and then a prequel in the succeeding year. These games featured new towers, maps, balloon types, and even the option to change difficulty.
Bloons Tower Defense 4 was the most popular game of 2009. Featuring new exciting graphical changes and the ability to save a user’s current game BTD 4 made a huge leap in technological advancement. It even used an unlock-based leveling system which meant the player’s balloon pop count would determine what level he was and it unlocked upgrades to the monkey towers.
Bloons Tower Defense 5 included new maps and ranked them by the difficulty level.
Bloons Monkey City has its downfalls but its benefits outweigh them. The producers to Bloons Monkey City were trying to have participants enjoy their time while playing. While having fun, players can compete against their friends to see who has a better base by sending attacks of balloons, which challenges each other to be the best. Not only can children play it and enjoy themselves, but also Bloons Monkey City can be enjoyed by anybody at any age!
But still, as I stated earlier, Bloons Monkey City has its discomfitures to playing, such as playing can become too addicting for student...

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