To Reco(G)Nize (A) Mental (D)Isorder: The Growing Problem Of The Mental Disorder; Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Lastly, physical symptoms include, but are not: “Feeling tense; having muscle tightness or body aches, having trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep because of racing thoughts, on edge, restless, jumpy, stomach problems, nausea, and diarrhea,” (“”) (“Generalized”). When dealing with different people though, they are affected primarily differently. The elderly are more prone to suffer from physical disabilities, memory problems, and/or an increase risk of death. In pregnant women, they sometimes get confused about what medications to use or not to use them at all, but even if they do decide to take a certain medication, certain meds like SSRI’s serotonin reuptake ...view middle of the document...

) When treating certain patients it is important to know what kind of patient you are treating. If you would be treating an elderly patient, you must know that it is more efficient to provide psychotherapy or psychological help, rather than medications as the elderly are of more risk for the side effects that come with that medicine, physical disabilities, and even death. However, there is one medication “(Bus-pir-on) Buspirone, may be better for the elderly because it is less likely to have side effects and other meds,” (“Treating”). This is only in regards to elderly patients. When dealing with a pregnant patient, you must be aware that she may be reluctant to take certain medications that can actual help her anxiety, because of risk of birth defects of the baby. However, some studies show that actually, “43% of women show a decrease in their symptoms. . .” (“Pregnancy”). Lastly, when treating youth patients who are under privileged or in foster care, it is important to use a sensitive or cautious approach when treating them with cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. This type of therapy may not be able available to under privileged children as there are “A low number of trained mental health trained professionals. . .” (“Austin”) (“Mental”).
“Individuals who work directly with children and youth can do much to strengthen their roles as mental health advocates and contribute to improving the emotional well-being. . .” (“Austin”) (“Mental”). “The issues are complicated, and the solutions require many systems working together, but even the smallest steps can make a big difference. . .” (“Austin”) (“Mental”)
Needless to say that Generalized Anxiety Disorder is more serious than society depicts it out to be. They’ll drive you crazy then call you crazy. People like myself who are affected by anxiety and its symptoms, need the mental help to cope with the everyday life disruptions this disorder can bring. Therapy does help to certain extent. Even I can attest to that. But when you are under privileged and do not have the resources, or carrying a child that you have to make life-changing decisions for that may affect the baby, in various ways, or you are an elder patient who has dementia or Alzheimer and someone has to basically certain decisions for you when choosing your medications or someone you are doing the CBT and trying to cope with...

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