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"To Play Or Not To Play... God?" This Is A Satirical Essay That Argues Against Using Genetics To Create Human Beings (Through Cloning, Etc).

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To Play or Not to Play... God?By: Carly PitneyIt is now the twenty-first century and humanity has come a long way from Galileo's telescope and Newton's Law of Gravity. We have made enormous leaps and bounds in scientific fields, especially genetics. We have split the atom; discovered the gene that causes leprosy; cloned animals; created a real cowboy, a half human, half cow foetus; and are now on the verge of 'improving' the average human by completely redesigning it into whatever we want.Perhaps we should start with a simple definition: genetics is a specialized field of science that incorporates long words with sterile tools and, most importantly, DNA. Now that scientists around the world have studied and mastered the art of genetics, we as a race have been able to accomplish amazing feats thought only to be in the capability of God. We have created a sheep that looks exactly like another sheep through a confusing process known simply as 'cloning'; we have grown human ears on mice but, unfortunately, found no improvement in their hearing; and most recently we have provided a religious group centred around an ex-race car driver the ability to create a human baby that looks just like another human baby. As far as we can tell, it only has two ears but can hear perfectly.Recently, developments in genetics have centred on the creation of a perfect person. We could actually make ourselves a modern day Renaissance Man like the ones from - well, from the Renaissance. Piece by piece we could put together a well-rounded, possibly intelligent, human being that would match Da Vinci's anatomical drawings to a 'T', or more precisely, to an 'eye'. Humanity, of course, would be astounded by the outcome. We would create a Martin Luther; a Galileo; hell, why not a Jesus? And we would be awed by our own creation. It would be great, just think about it: we build him, we are awed by him, he leads us, and then we - wait, what do we do then? Certainly we would not question our 'Frankenstein's Monster'. We could never excommunicate, arrest, or, God forbid, crucify a perfect being, could we?Oh well, on the bright side, those questions wouldn't have to be answered for a long time yet. Before questions like there could even be considered, we would have to create our perfect being. Using precise techniques, someone out there would have to find an embryo and tamper with it for the good of...

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