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To Play Or Not To Play

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To Play or Not to Play
Three seconds on the clock. This is the moment the team has been waiting for. Deep breathes, in and out. Desert Vista is up by two and this three point shot could win Mountain Pointe Pride baskeball team state championships! Suddenly, he gets a vision. All the hard time spent studying with his teachers, being benched failing. He is thankful for all the hard time his teachers and mentors have put in to help him succeed. He releases the ball just as the buzzer goes off. Silence. Fans gasp in awe. There is an uproar from the crazy, fanatic fan filled audience. He has won the 2013 Arizona State Championships! He sends up a silent thanks to his parents and coaches. Mountain Pointe students should be receive annual grade checks and maintain a 70% or higher in order to learn a life lesson, reality check, and prepare them for life.
Students need to learn an important life lesson.In life, there are no guarantees. In 2011, NBA all star Derick Rose was awarded MVP for the Chicago Bulls. In hig school, Rose maintned a 3.4 grade pont average throughout his 4 year stay. He managed school work, a job, and basketball all at the same time. This is inspiring work. Students need to understand that they must be responsible and accountable for their actions. Rose understood thid and was awarded for his meritorious work.
Also, being recqured to maintain a 70% or above gives teens a reality check. Participating in a school sport is a privlege, not an obligation. In Southern Arizona, a highschool coach recently learned that halg=f of his champinship team were failing their core classes. Flabergasted by this information, he called an emergency team meeting. He stated that in order for the team to remain on the basketball team, they must get all of their grades up to par. With that being said, coach collected all the jersies and left the...

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