To Demonstrate How Members Of The Multi Disciplinary Team Worked Together To Achieve A Positive Client Outcome.

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For this reflection I will be using the Gibbs reflective cycle (1988) to demonstrate how members of the multi-disciplinary team worked together to achieve a positive client outcome.I will use the Gibbs model which incorporates the following: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan (Gibbs 1988). This model facilitates critical thoughts, linking theory to practice and allows my personal feelings and opinions to be reflected upon.This reflection will discuss the importance of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and how they work with the client to promote independence.The MDT within the mental health environment generally comprised of psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers, but other therapists such as family therapists, psychotherapists, dietician and counsellors mat also become involved in the care of the client (Perkins & Repper 1998). Multidisciplinary involvement is important within mental health nursing as people with mental health problems have multiple needs, so a variety of expertise is required to meet the needs of these people (Darby et al 1999).Ovretveit, (1993) defined the MDT as a group of practitioners with a wide variety of professional training who regularly meet to provide a service to clients.Throughout this reflection, the clients name and clinical setting will not be disclosed as this would breach confidentiality (NMC 2004). For this reason the client will be referred to as 'Martin'.The first stage of Gibbs (1988) model of reflection requires a description of events.Martin is a 45 year old male, who is currently at a mental health rehabilitation unit as he suffers from paranoia schizophrenia. Paranoia results in episodes of delusions which can be accompanied by hallucinations, perception disturbances and auditory variety (BBC 2006). Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by expressions of reality or by impairments in perceptions (BBC 2006).Martin was brought into the rehabilitation unit as he suffered from chronic delusions, which caused him to behave irrationally and destructive. Before he was admitted into hospital, he was causing danger to himself and others by setting objects on fire and was very paranoid about objects in the kitchen. He felt that the instruments in the kitchen were dangerous and always commented on the cooker and oven being broken. This resulted in him being unable to prepare himself food and eating fast food meals everyday.After spending 2 weeks in a mental health hospital he was transferred to a rehabilitation unit, which he had currently been in for a month.The MDT had to work together so Martin was able to overcome his fear of the kitchen and able him to become independent.I had the opportunity to observe a MDT meeting and participated in the discussion about Martin. Throughout Martin's time in the rehabilitation unit, many of the MDT members individually spent time with...

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