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To Sparkle Or Not To Sparkle

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To Sparkle or Not to Sparkle
There are a million movies with different characters out there, but more often than not movie themes, and even characters are repeated. They may have some of the same ideas, and concepts, but are able to keep their individualities. This just happens to be the case with Twilight, and Underworld. These movies are about the classic vampire and werewolves. However, they create their own identity in different ways by: the rules about sunlight, their love interests, interaction with the normal world, use of weapons, what they eat, and of course Michael Sheen.
While both movies are about a classic feud between vampires and werewolves, Underworld stayed with our general knowledge about these two sides. We have all grown up understanding that vampires are creatures of night, and will burn into ash if they are caught by the sun. They also drink human blood. Werewolves are changed by the full moon, and hate vampires. In Underworld, the sun will turn them into ash. In Twilight, they do not explode into flame; instead they stand there twinkling in the sun. These creatures are supposed to incorporate fear, and be our nightmares when we close our eyes. Instead Twilight, turned them into an eye catching spectacle, and this cheapens their revered roles.
They each have a love interest. Twilight has the love struck teenage Bella falling head over heels for the dark mysterious Edward. In this regard the movie followed the true boy loves girl but does not want to admit it cliché. Underworld however has a newly turned werewolf, Michael, who falls for the dark and dangerous Selene. The roles in this film were reversed, and instead if the guy being the vampire, it was the girl. The guy was a helpless human, and that is a fresh change from the usual.
In Twilight, the vampires interact in the daily lives of humans. Their goal is to blend into society so that they can have a somewhat normal life. They move only when they have stayed in one place for many years. This is how Edward met Bella, and fell in love. In Underworld the creatures of the night do not interact in the human world for any reason. Humans to them are beneath their stature, and not worth the time to look at. The only reason Selene interacted with Michael was to figure out why the...

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