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To Speak Or Not To Speak

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Learning is dynamic. It is kinetic in its growth, as humans begin to learn at their first breath and end with their final. Some things people learn are small, like that a coworker loves a certain shade of blue; while other things can save lives, such as when a toddler learns not to put silverware in an electrical socket. Yet, how are many lessons learned in life? Simply said, the answer is through speech. Whether by a mother’s worried scolding or a professor’s educated explanation, being able to speak is the general way of spreading knowledge, and quite frankly why humans created language. With this evident, the freedom of speech is irrefutably one of the most vital gifts given, especially during times of mental exploration like that in a college setting. Speech is a gateway. If the nation denies this right to any sect of people, including those in universities, students’ minds will not be allowed to blossom with the assistance of non-scrutinized communication and those in higher powers will turn innovative thinkers away.
Immediately, college is acknowledged as a time of exploration and laboring to achieve qualification to do one’s life work. In previous times, parents and guardians controlled the actions of their adolescent. College, instead, is a time to jump into the world of adulthood and have complete control over who they become, they merely need to figure out who that individual is. In a university which ignores the freedom of speech, very few students would speak out to one another for fear of repercussion. Professors would teach as though they were only instructing one student. Asking questions would be a rarity because of the fear of saying the wrong thing and being expelled. In other words, a lack of free speech would promote generalization, both in education and personality. Ambitious students filled to the brim with new ideas would be hushed; the shy may never find a reason to come out of their shell to show their passion. Some may never even take the chance to live on campus because of the intense interrogation, like that in Delaware. Thus, this also means revenue loss for the college and programs within. If the school also forbids dating, such as in the first video, some people may never realize that their special person was right there beside them the whole time and pass them by. Overall, any type of personal or educational growth would be stunted tremendously.
Additionally, many required classes for a degree that stretch the mind of each student past its previous level will be ineffective if freedom of speech is taken. For example, most degrees include a mandatory ethics class, one that challenges their typical viewpoints and forces them to...

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