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To Start Looking At Pizza In A Different Perspective

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Pizza? Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is often loved by everyone and pretty much ate in
any occasion. Through time, it has become a widely popular food. It is commonly viewed as a
food that brings people together in harmony in one setting to eat and enjoy. Pizza has always
been my family’s favorite for all occasions; whether I’m home alone, having a party, or just
hanging out with my family on a Friday night. Pizza definitely brings people together. Although
pizza is traditionally viewed as food, in our society pizza can also be used to understand rhetorics
that have to do with bonding, culture/lifestyle, and health.

Pizza is often used to bring people together in one setting to enjoy and bond. It is very
common to have pizza at parties and sports showings. One example would be the Super Bowl,
which is when most pizza deliveries are made. As it is easy to order a pizza and mostly everyone
enjoys a slice of pizza. In other instances, people may go to the mall to hang out and have some
laughs together as they engage in a conversation while eating a slice of pizza with friends or
family. The same may occur after going to a concert or an event, people tend to go eat a slice of
pizza after and talk about what they enjoyed the most out of the event they attended. Pizza brings
people together in one setting; it creates bonding moments and memories. My family usually
orders pizza and we watch movies on Friday nights or Saturday nights. During the week, we are
usually caught up with work or school so we don’t have much time to spend together. That
being, we use this opportunity to bond with each other while enjoying pizza, which we all enjoy.
My little brother is usually picky with food and the only food we’ll usually come to an
agreement is pizza. Not only is my brother like this, but many children are like this as well. I
believe this happens because kids are exposed to more fast food day by day, which makes them
way pickier about the food made at home.

It seems as if pizza along with other fast food meals have become a lifestyle to many
within our culture. Pizza shops are all over the place, almost in every corner. The power of
delivery has evolved and orders are made for deliveries 24/7. As a matter of fact, delivery has
progressed with technology as well. You now have the choice of ordering through a phone call
or through the internet. There’s been many times where I’m home alone and there’s nothing to
eat at home and it’s way more convenient to make a delivery call, so I often will call a pizza
delivery shop. Americans are always on the go and as it is pizza has become popular to be
consumed. As I observed Donatello’s Pizza for my Ethnography, I realized how many individual
people grabbed some slices to go. In a working society, people don’t have time to go home and
cook so then pizza comes in as a life saver for many of these people. However, we don’t take
notice on how often we may consume these on the go meals. ...

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