To Vote Or Not To Vote

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To Vote or Not to Vote, Is That Really a Question?
     Are students properly informed in political areas? The question abounds while adults worry about weather students will vote for political views or weather they just agree with Bruce Springsteen. Astin says that “A democracy works only to the extent that the voter is well informed”(Astin 97). Astin believes that the only way to have a properly functioning democracy is to have informed voters. This is the question of the day, why people vote, weather its for actual political views or for the sole purpose of agreeing with someone else.
     For the most part students that want to know about political views are fully aware of the goings on in their government, where apathetic students do not know anything and have no concern with knowing anything. One of Astin’s ideas is to force a government class upon college students, making them learn and then allowing them to vote as informed citizens. I have a problem with this, I do not want to have another class to take in college since I already have to wade through the standard crap like history. The idea is sound, but the placement is wrong since in most Texas high schools students have a government class. The only problem is that many students take these classes with out learning much. My junior year in high school I took AP Government, a single semester course. My school offered both AP and regular government, I elected to go the extra mile and take in a college course, horrible idea. While in this class I soon realized that it was a futile attempt, and that I should just give up, so the afternoon after the first class I tried to transfer to the easier class, and that didn’t happen. In the end I got a thirty-seven in the class, needless to say I got the opportunity to attempt the class again senior year. Not being one to make the same mistake twice I opted for the standard government class, taught by the football coach. Needless to say this class was slightly less difficult and with the knowledge that I had gained from the little attention I had paid in AP I was able to swing through the class with an A. This is simply to show the extreme difference between the classes and to show people just how simple the standard government classes are. I’m not suggesting that people make the government classes as hard as my AP class, even though I could care less now since I’ve already graduated high school, I think that the standards for government should be raised a notch or two, maybe high enough to where students actually have to read, or at least open a book at some point in the semester.
     Another problem with today’s elections is the candidates. While I’m, not saying that this ever was the case, neither of the candidates’ people look at In this election are just great men. Both of the men have made mistakes, and have poor records, weather its Kerry’s war protests or Bush’s...

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