To Wear Or Not To Wear, That Is The Question

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The question of laws requiring the wearing of seat belts being an infringement on personal rights can be argued very heavily. Four of the six people I interviewed declared that they believe these laws are an infringement on our rights, but that it is also nothing to make a big deal about. As Mallory Trusty said, ?It saves lives.? This is a proven fact. But what are peoples? opinions about that law? The two people that answered no to the question of rights infringement both said they believe this because seat belts are statistically proven to protect people and are safe. Sue White being one of the people that said no, declared, ?Someone should step in and straighten people out when they don?t have any common since.? Five of the six people questioned said that they would wear their seat belts even if the law did not require it. Phil Meckel was one of the people that said the laws are an infringement but also said, ?The overall effect of the seat belt laws is good.? But this is just the being of the questions I asked during the interview.Another one of the questions I asked was if it was fair for police officers to pull you over and give you a ticket just because you do not have a seat belt on. This arose some very controversial discussion. Chris Riley and Phil Meckel both said they believe police should not have the privilege to pull you over just because you aren?t wearing a seat belt. However Phil also said that if you are pulled over for something else and don?t have a seat belt on then you should be sited for it. Chris disagreed saying you should not be given a ticket either way. Raymond Prince, just one of four that agreed being pulled over is fair, said he thinks it is fair because it is the law. After inquiring about the possibility of being pulled over, I asked if the law should be amended in anyway.Only a couple of people said that we should leave the law the way it is. When asked how to improve seat belt laws, Sue White said, ?More emphasis should be put on children being buckled up.? Kelly Meyers said, ?The only change we need to make is including pickup trucks in the requiring of seat belts.? As stated earlier, both Phil Meckel and Chris Riley declared that you should not be able to be pulled over for the lack of wearing a seat belt.Next I asked if they would still wear seat belts even if it was not the law. Chris Riley said that he would...

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