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To What Extent Should We Accept The Veiws Given In This Source?

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Nationalism, genocide and internationalism are just some of the powerful words that are shown in the source. In World War One the lack of international law is said to be a reason for all the atrocities that were committed in the war and also a reason for why the war started in the first place. So by this we are to assume that internationalism would have helped the prevention of the war. But with that being the case why did a Second World War occur? Because of the fact that even with international law and communication we will always have people who refuse to see themselves as equals with other nations; these are the ultranationalists. Using the source as our guide for the views on nationalism, we are automatically to assume that if you are a nationalist (anyone who shows pride in their nation) you are a supporter of genocides and wars. When we look back in history it is easy to find places where “internationalism is to believe in peace…” But it is hard or rather borderline impossible to find times when “Nationalists… cause world wars and [are] supporters of genocide,” that is since they are not. Nationalists are purely people who honor their nation; it is the ultranationalists that originate the wars and that start the genocides. It is by using this information we can gather that the source has a fairly bias origin in assuming that nationalists start wars. Most of the time nationalists are forced into wars by the ultranationalists. This is why we should only accept the view in this source within certain parameters, for although internationalism supports and impetuses for peace and cooperation nationalists do not start wars.
Ultra-nationalists start wars and support genocides. Ultranationalists are often frantically loyal to their nation and habitually hostile and racist towards other nations. They have charismatic leaders that use many tools to instill ultra-nationalistic beliefs within the nation. Tools such as speeches, rewards and promises and it is these promises that hook into people; people like the Germans. In the interwar period there were massive government changes and loss from all countries. Then in came France and Britain demanding one of the hardest hit countries pay reparations for the damage that was caused by all. Germany had the weakest economy and was struggling greatly to get back on its feet (failing miserably in the process) when along came Adolf Hitler. He promised his people he would fix all of their problems and return Germany to her full glory. When looking back we know hindsight is twenty-twenty, but it is also easy to see that the breeding ground for ultra-nationalistic actions and thoughts was quite extravagant. People needed someone to blame why not those who were still prosperous? The Jewish citizens around the European nations suffered at the hands of Germany and that is because they were considered “rats” and dehumanized so people would feel no pain in killing them. This happens again in Rwanda; the Tutsi’s were...

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