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To What Extent Are The Results Of World War I The Causes Of World War Ii?

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The First World War was fought between the Allied Powers (France, British, Russia, US, Italy, and Serbia) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria). At the conclusion of the war, the Allied Powers prevailed and began establishing the punishment of the Central Powers. These results of the war ultimately lead to declaration of a Second World War, through German anger over harsh terms, the Treaty of Versailles, and the failure of the League of Nations.
Germany was not part of the peace talks for the treaty of Versailles and this caused German enragement. Germany had no say in the status of future Germany. Hitler and his NAZI party then took this anger and tried to seek revenge. This is how Hitler and the NAZI party gained popular support with the German populous. They used all sorts of propaganda to gain interest and eventually take control of Germany. This anger caused Hitler to invade the countries that he felt had oppressed Germany. This ultimately led to World War II in 1939.
The treaty of Versailles enraged the Germans because they had no say and had to agree to the terms regardless of whether they were acceptable or not. Through the years some of the European powers also realized that the terms of the treaty were very harsh. This is reflected in their unwillingness to act when Hitler began breaking the rules stated in the treaty. The Treaty of Versailles ultimately did not settle any disputes; it just created more issues in countries that were trying to recover from the previous war. One major clause in the treaty was that the Rhineland was to be a demilitarized zone. Also, Germany was ordered to disarm and this was supposedly the beginning of global disarmament. However, none of the other countries disarmed. This left them defenseless if France decided to invade (which they did in 1923 after Germany had defaulted once again on reparations payments). Hitler used this point as a way to rearm Germany. This...

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