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To What Extent Did Eva Peron Influence Argentine Politics From 1946 1952?

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A. Plan of Investigation
The focus of this investigation is about the extent of Eva Peron’s influence in Argentine politics from 1946 to her death in 1952. Popular culture paints her as the symbol of Peronism, the heroine of the poor, underrepresented, labor workers, or the descamisados, or “the shirtless ones.” The study will focus on the Perons’ rise to power, as well the period in which they were leaders of Argentina, to the first fall of Peronism. This investigation will be evaluating how influential Eva Peron truly was in regards to the success of the Peronist government.
Several interpretations of Eva’s (Evita) legacy will be used as well as several sources on the overall history of the period and a source that is written about the working class and their role in the Peronist “revolution.” The primary source, Evita: In My Own Words, written by Eva herself, is used to analyze what she thought of her own role in the Peronist government.
Part B: Summary of Evidence
Social conflicts are a given throughout any country’s history, but in Argentina, these conflicts intensified as the gap between the upper and lower classes grew ever more extensive (Gall). During Revolution of 1943, in the era of the “Infamous Decade,” Juan Peron began his slow rise to power, first as the head of the military of the Labor Department. It was here, when he attended a charity gala for disaster relief from the devastating earthquake that struck Argentina, that he met then Eva Duarte (Page “Evita” 7). Evita began to sit in Colonel Peron’s meetings, where she made the occasional, but memorable contribution (Page “Peron” 85). In this time to 1945, Juan Peron built up his power within the government, and the Army forced Peron’s resignation and placed him under arrest. According to legend, on October 17, 1945, Evita personally organized the workers, the descamisados, in front of the Government House in Buenos Aires to demand release for Peron. Shortly after this, Peron and Eva were married, and she began to accompany Peron on his presidential campaign.
The myths that surround her at this time include being “Evita the Nazi” and articles published against her that point out the similarities between her and the “Peron machine” and Goering’s wife in Nazi Germany (Page 10). Peron shameless used Eva. He would “incidentally” complain about a friend or an ally or enemy with an air of betrayal, and she would immediate go to them and defend Peron as needing, attacking those Peron had named verbally (Ortiz 136). The election of 1946 resulted in a Peronist victory (142).
When Evita first became First Lady, she placed her family members in government positions, but she also participated in many other non-ceremonial activities. She immersed herself in day-to-day administration, absorbing her husband’s political views (Page “Evita” 11). Soon, she began to attend ceremonial functions for her husband, and she read speeches that were provided for her. She began to be known as “Comrade...

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