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To What Extent Did The Revolutionaries Create A New Society?

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In the case of Russia, the revolutionaries who attempted to create a new society were the Bolsheviks leaded by Lenin after the October Revolution in 1917. After the seizure of power, Lenin and the Bolsheviks created a new society in Russia to a large extent. They moved to eradicate the old order and all the old vestiges of the pre-October 1917 society and replace them with a new one, despite minor residue of the old order. The creation of a new society was mainly revealed in the removal of bourgeoisie’s privilege and degrading the bourgeois class to workers’ and peasants’ class. It was also reflected by the justification and legitimisation of looting and plundering bourgeois property. The ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, building committees were established to allocate the urban poor into richer surroundings. The Bolsheviks also successfully created a new society by exercising universal labour conscription in which the “former people” were rounded up for menial and demeaning jobs such as rubbish collection and snow clearing. They had to spend hours queuing for food just like the rest of the urban poor.

Another evidence that could prove the creation of a new society by Lenin and the Bolsheviks was that the looting and plundering of the bourgeoisie and their properties was made justified and legitimised. Retribution, plunder and terrorizing of the bourgeoisie were given free political license and were encouraged as a new form of social justice.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks also succeeded in creating a new society by shifting the emphasis and fascination of the people’s mind from religion to the Bolsheviks themselves. The Bolsheviks did this by completely separating the Church and the State. On 20 January 1918, the Decree on the Separation of Church and State was published. The state confiscated the property and land of the Church. The teaching of religion was banned in both public and private schools. These measures and the effects that followed were unprecedented as the Church had long been connected to the State and played a huge role in all the Russian people’s daily lives.

Some may argue that unlike the Church, the Gentry were allowed to keep quite a large portions of their former estates, which to a certain degree, was a residue of the old order. However, the way the gentry lived was completely different from that during the pre-October society. By mid 1920s, over 10000 former landlords and gentry lived on their former manors, or smaller family farms. Many of them regarded their manors and farms as the only refuge from the Bolsheviks terror of city life. It was justified to say that the Gentry were in an isolated state. The change in the...

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