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To What Extent Do Hieroglyphics And Cuneiform Writing Compare?

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Part A: Plan of Investigation
To what extent do hieroglyphs and cuneiform writing compare?
The investigation attempts to assess the similarities between cuneiform writing and hieroglyphics. For this task to be evaluated, the reader needs to understand the history of hieroglyphics and cuneiform writing, and the similarities and differences between them. This will also evaluate the limitations through thorough examination of the influences of cuneiform writing on hieroglyphics. The research question is still relevant in the modern world because hieroglyphics and cuneiform writing may have impacted the writing systems that are used today and may have affected the method in which the written ...view middle of the document...

The creation of this language was not only important because it impacted history, it was also important to the citizens of Mesopotamia. Scribes were placed in high honor, which showed that learning to write cuneiform was an important part of their culture, and because of that, it impacted the rest of Mesopotamia and slowly spread this form of writing to many different countries. Contrasting to cuneiform writing are hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics are a logogrammatic form of writing, but they also changed the future of writing since the moment it was developed. In the beginning, hieroglyphics were only for the upper class. But as time went on, it started to spread and became a popular form of writing
“The Egyptian system of picture-writing, or hieroglyphics, is probably the most famous kind of ancient writing. The word hieroglyphic comes from two Greek terms' hieros, meaning "sacred," and glyphein, meaning "to carve." For centuries, beginning around 3100 B.C., only priests used hieroglyphic writing. It was called "the speech of the gods" and was used for religious writings only. Later, merchants and other writers used the system. The symbols were sometimes written on papyrus and sometimes carved in stone with metal chisels.”
Many people also believe that hieroglyphics were only written on walls and stone tablets, but this isn’t true. Hieroglyphics were used in the everyday life, just like in the modern world. The Egyptians had inks and brushes which allowed them to write on pieces of papyrus. This is an important part because from then on, writing wasn’t only written on walls and stones, but was written on pieces of paper which allowed for a huge evolution in writing. Even though there is not a set date for the development of hieroglyphics, there is an agreement among most historians that hieroglyphs were created around 3200-3000 BCE. Even though around that time, cuneiform writing was already a strong written language, historians believe that hieroglyphs developed independently and was not influenced by cuneiform.
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Part C: Evaluation of Sources
Lerner Publishing, Group. Ancient Egypt (Ancient Communications, US: Lerner Publishing
Group, 2000) History Reference Center. EBSCOhost (accessed April 6, 2014)

The origin of Ancient Egypt from the Lerner Publishing Group is an online journal. The purpose of this online journal is to inform the public about Ancient Egypt and the form of writing that was used during that period of time. A value of this source was that it provided the public unique information about the origin of the “hieroglyphics”. It also provided the public information about how hieroglyphs were first used and the way in which they were used. Another value of this source was that it helped the public understand the importance of the development of hieroglyphics and how it impacted the history and future of the written language. A limitation found within this source is that the source did not provide a large time...

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