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To What Extent Do Personal Attributes Affect Ways Of Knowing And Why, If At All, Does Answering This Question Matter In The First Place?

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Einstein's belief in God made him reason differently about the new physics (quantum physics). He would not accept this new way of looking at things, and simply denied the probabilistic world view by saying "God is not malicious". Even though there are flaws in the realm of knowledge, like how can everyone with a different opinion know the same thing and if that how do we know what we know is the right way of knowing. Someone's personal attributes does affect the ways of knowing. The ways of knowing can be broken up into four different categories, emotion, reason, perception, and language.The way we speak is one example of how personal attributes affect the ways of knowing. Euphemisms are a good example of how we tone down potentially harmful information with weaker words to change people's perception and to block emotions about a certain subject. We can view this by watching people say that he or she "passed away" instead of just saying that they died. This reaction is to not offend or upset the listener and potentially change their perception about the death of someone. Another example is the fact that hospitals call STD treatment centers "special clinics" to block the emotion of some people that have to go there so they don't feel ashamed. Certain instances where I have used Euphemisms where when I was putting off projects and essays till the last moment they where due. I always said that they where just 3 easy pages of work but in reality it was a long hard essay that I had to write.Environments that we grow up in also affect the ways of knowing in a large scale. We might grow up in a society where burping was a complement to signify a good meal and our language we speak is completely our own. The perception of the environment is that what we do is considered the normal and to be accepted and understood by all who grew up in the same type of environment. Changes in this way of knowing can be seen if you take a trip to another country completely different than your own. They might have customs and practices that we might consider weird or un-normal to our way of perceiving things. Along with that the language they use to communicate their ideas with one another is completely different than our own blocking the ability to communicate in verbal language although there are many other forms of languages out there. The same thing goes for what the other people think of us, our customs and practices are perceived very different and weird for them considering they grew up in a completely different environment than we did. My personal experience was when I took a trip to china over the summer. The culture there way beyond my understanding, there I was made to bow to greet people not the handshake I was used to. Also when I stuck out my hand to greet some Chinese people they just looked at me wondering what to do. That proves that environments drastically changes people's perspective. Along with the fact that everyone spoke Chinese so I had to...

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To What Extent Do Personal Attributes Affect Ways Of Knowing And Why, If At All, Does Answering This Question Matter In The First Place?

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