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To What Extent Do Vkontakte Positively Assist Russian High School Students?

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The popularity of social networks is growing every day. Just five years ago, not many people knew of the existence of social networks, today they have become part of our lives and have become an essential part of it. Now it is very difficult to imagine our life without this resource. The social network is an online service or web site, intended for construction and reflection of social relationships, which are rendering social graphs. In other words, these are sites that are designed to gather people with common interests, to give them the opportunity to communicate on various topics, upload and discuss photos and videos, add each other to friends, download and listen to music, etc. ...view middle of the document...

There we communicate, discuss homework and share school news. If anyone of us do not know what it was homework or something like that, we can ask each other, and in any case, someone will answer and give the information that we need.
The second advantage is that VKontakte has a large number of different groups, where you can find some useful information for the study. These groups contain many useful, educational materials and recommendations to achieve this goal. Depending on personal goals can be selected professional services to communities of interest. Each student chooses whether to join such a resource to improve performance. VK is the largest in the RuNet repository of audio, video and photographs for many school subjects that you can listen, view and download. For instance, Groups such as "Total English", "Learn a Language", "English" and "Just English!" unites many students in Russia and Kazakhstan, while giving knowledge through images, audio, etc. I believe that with the help of such groups or communities is fun and easy to learn.
Another positive effect is the independence. As we know, in vkontakte each person has its own page. Situation of constant self-determination is the norm vkontakte activities. The profile of each participant is unique and no one can write off or wait for advice from others. Filling out the questionnaire, a person can finally really reflect on their own interests and desires. According to Kharitonova Lubov, express themselves in the network 67 % of Russian students. Some lay out their own work - poems, songs, music videos. It also occurs through the design of their pages: interests, hobbies, interests. So many people think that networking pages are a mirror of the soul of modern youth and contribute to the development of personality. Thus, we can say that VKontakte promotes independence of students.
However, on the other hand, the social network VKontakte may lead to many negative consequences. The first greatest negative effect is that communication vkontakte reduces and simplifies the level of literacy. When corresponding language is simplified and grammatical errors allowed, and subsequently cannot be prevented in the living speech. Spread of Internet slang words inevitably reduces literacy: you cannot always express their thoughts and emotions, and then, if necessary, beautifully and intelligently speak. The reason for the emergence and spread of such jargons, on the one hand - poverty vocabulary of users and simultaneously desire to be original, and the other - a novelty. "Each subsequent use of this novelty, and thus the game, wit and fun blurs and turn into banality". Consequently, the prospects for further development in this...

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