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To What Extent Does Fate Play A Role In Romeo And Juliet?

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Romeo and Juliet is regarded as one of William Shakespeare’s most tragic love stories, which has its influence on many aspects of the entertainment industry. In the context of this play, there are uncertainties surrounding whether the fatalities occur as a result of free will or under the uncontrollable force of fate. Through Romeo and Juliet’s premeditated encounter, Shakespeare indicates that fate is primarily responsible for love at first sight. Simultaneously, Romeo and Juliet are also portrayed as victims of their own destiny which induces their misfortunes and deaths. Apart from being one of the major themes, fate is also a main contributor to the outcome of the play.
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Whilst their fate is to end the family feud, another misfortune controlled by the stars also led to Romeo’s banishment. It is evident that Romeo lives by the law and tries to keep the peace when he states “the Prince expressly hath forbidden bandying in Verona Streets” (act3, scene 1, 50), during the quarrel with Tybalt. Now that they are married, Romeo who “tendered [the Capulets] as dearly as [his own family]” (act 3, scene 1, 42) never intends to kill Tybalt as he was Juliet’s cousin. Benvolio, who is mature and also tries to keep the peace, had the ability to stop Romeo but instead stood as a bystander. Therefore, fate played an integral role in the misfortunate events of determining the lover’s destiny and Tybalt’s death which lead to the exile of Romeo.
In this play, fate is significantly in control of death despite the fact that it is Romeo and Juliet’s choice to end their lives. Fatedly, Friar Lawrence’s plan ultimately led to the lover’s death when his message was undelivered to Romeo. Although Romeo had the ability to kill himself, he would not have consumed the poison if he had received the letter or waited a few moments later to witness Juliet’s awakening. Despite the fact that Romeo notices the “crimson in [Juliet’s] lips and cheeks” (act5, scene 3, 104), which indicates...

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