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To What Extent Does Globalization Have An Affect On Sustainability

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Globalization can both harm and help the sustainability of people around the world. It can be shown through many examples such as ship breaking and outsourcing that these can both hurt and help economies, they can both hurt and help the environment, and that they can both hurt and help overall quality of life in a country.

Because of globalization, many countries have gained economic power, but some countries have lost theirs. In the example of ship breaking, ships are sold to developing countries to be dismantled and turned into scrap metal for resale. This can help the economies of the countries the ships are sold to, because it provides jobs in a place where work might be scarce. Another example of this is outsourcing, because jobs are mover to countries where wages are cheaper and regulations are less strict the company can profit. This can also be good for the people of that country; they will have access to a job they may pay higher or be safer that what they already have. But outsourcing is a two sided coin; when jobs are moved, the workers who first held those jobs will lose them and will be out of work weakening the economy of the country the company was first based in. for example in Salaberry-de-Vallyfield, Quebec, when the two manufacturing plants closed hundreds of people lost their jobs, and 1500 were employed in Honduras, Nicaragua. Because it cost less to employ them there where there is little regulation and low minimum wage one economy grew, while one shrank. Because of other countries benefitting and others not, it can be proven that globalization does have both positive and negative effects on economies.
Another point that shows how globalization can have positive and negative effects is the environment. Again in the case of ship breaking, when the ships are taken apart toxic materials are released into the environment. These materials are dumped on the beaches where the ships are broken, the people in these countries are exposed to these chemicals and fumes and ever out of four workers die because of cancer or a related medical condition. Another argument for this is also out sourcing, when products are made in countries with fewer regulations, not as much is done to protect the environment from the chemicals released in manufacturing. A second problem with this is then where the products are made, for example, in China, they have to be shipped over the Pacific Ocean on an inefficient cargo ship, although these ships only use 3% of Earths fossil fuels the emit 15% of the nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide emissions. The final example is again ship...

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