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To What Extent Does Italian Nationalism Lead To The Invasion Of Abyssinia?

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In 1919, upcoming journalist Benito Mussolini and a few other veterans had ideas that he called “Fascism” then formed the National Fascist Party. Fascism is a political philosophy or movement that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. The party grew popular in Italy as Mussolini seemed to have all the solutions to the problems. He began to build up the army of Italy, making one named the Black Shirt militia. March 15th 1921, Benito Mussolini was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Because he was elected ...view middle of the document...

in 1928, Mussolini signed a treaty of “friendship” with Emperor Haile Selassie, the leader of Abyssinia. Secretly an invasion of the country was already being planned. In December of 1934, Benito Mussolini accused the Abyssinians of aggression at Wal Wal. From there, he ordered Italian troops to be stationed in Somaliland and Eritrea to attack Abyssinia. In October 1935, the Italian army invaded Abyssinia. Abyssinia could not come up against a modern army because they were only equipped with pre World War I weapons. In May 1936 the capital of Abyssinia, Addis Ababa fell and Emperor Haile Selassie was removed from his throne. He was then replaced by the king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel resulting in Somaliland, Eritrea and Abyssinia becoming united and renamed Italian East Africa. Italians were expected to obey Mussolini. The Black Shirts motto was "Me ne frego" meaning “I do not give a damn”. Italians were expected to not have an opinion of what was going on. It was too late to try to stop the Fascist government because they had been in for too long. Although they promised many good things, those good things was a cover up for the bad Mussolini had in store. If you was known as a troublemaker trying to uprise against the government in Italy, you were tied to a tree, forced to drink a pint or two of castor oil forced to eat a live toad or frog. These punishments were not intended to kill you, but to tell you to do not ever attempt to rebel against their government. Mussolini made boys learn that fighting is normal and that they should be warriors. Young girls were taught that they should get married young and have a lot of children to boost the population. This lead Mussolini to launch the “Battle of Births” in 1927. The targeted number of children in a household was 5. Mussolini’s influence worldwide was mainly on Europe and Axis leaders such as Hitler. The spread of Fascism came about due to its’ appeal to everyday families, benefitting the working class and also modernizing Italy with the side line motive of the spread of supremacy among one kind and others ruling. With all of this contributing to Mussolini’s direct rise and what happened in his rise, what were the real factors of his invasion of Abyssinia? He did so much for his country with support so why did he feel the need to go and invade another country although there was already a first failed attempt about 50 years prior to his rise to power. Was he brainwashed by Rome and their “ancient” mindsets of how to world should be? The world was evolving especially during both wars as being proof to that. With internal conflicts of superiority, I do not see how it was able to successfully spread to the rest of the world. Italy and Abyssinia was a perfect example of that. The white supremacy that was the outlook on a world wide stance factors into the new “Italian supremacy” and domestic upheaval amongst the country during that time based on fascist views.

The concept of “slavery by another...

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