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To What Extent Has The Purpose And Nature Of Slavery Changed Throughout History?

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Slavery is the act of when a human being is under the complete ownership of another. It is a vile act which has seen millions of human beings suffer throughout history. The purpose and nature of slavery has very much remained the same, no matter the work or treatment of slaves, the denial of ones freedom will always be slavery. The act of enslavement is such an old practice it has been deeply ingrained into the mindset of many cultures, this can be seen in Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago. Slavery continued on from then and was present in the transatlantic slave trade in the 16-1800's and is even alive and running today with child slavery, in third world countries such as Haiti.

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The slaves of Egypt would have to work in the most relentless conditions pulling rocks that weighed up to 1.5 tonnes with their bare hands. The great pyramid of Giza, just one of the 138 pyramids built consisted of 2.5 million stones that were dragged into place by over 100,000 slaves. A quarter of these slaves died building the pyramid, many being crushed by the stones or simply dying due to the conditions.
32 generations of slaves lived and died working on the pyramids, their entire existence lived out on one job. Evidence of this horrific act was found in 2001, a painting was found along with other artefacts by archaeologist Mark Lehner, it depicted a number of slaves who were working on a pyramid being whipped by their masters because they couldn't push the stones. Unfortunately the horrid treatment of slaves in ancient Egypt is witnessed in countless other civilisations. Just like other times in history the slaves had to do the hardest, most excruciating jobs.

The purpose of the Transatlantic slave trade was to to expand the British empire which had one big problem, a lack of people. The British saw the enslavement of Africans to be an easy answer for their problem. Between the 16th and 18th century millions of innocent men, women and children of Africa were violently kidnapped from their homes and sold into slavery in America. In the first step of the triangular trade Europeans would exchange goods such as iron, cloth and weapons for slaves in Africa. The slaves would be loaded onto slave ships where they would experience horrific treatment. The slaves would be chained at the neck, wrists and feet, some slaves committed suicide instead of going through the torture. Up to 300 slaves would be cramped below deck where they would be deprived of all sanitation and light for hours. Once the slaves reached the West Indies they would be auctioned off to become a slave working on plantations or simply in...

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