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To What Extent Have Cigarette Advertisements Been Changed And Developed In America Since The 20 Th Century?

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In addition to that, Appendix 5, the 1960’s Tipalet advertisement was another popular advert of the time. The background of this advert is yellow making it warm and inviting. There are two characters in the ad, a man smoking a Tipalet and a woman whom he is blowing his smoke at, so that she can smell the “amazing” flavor. The woman is gorgeous; she is tanned with long brown hair, and her big brown eyes are staring at this very handsome man who has a perfectly rugged chin and the perfect facial structure that blows the smoke directly in the beautiful woman’s face. Also in this advert, sex appeal is used to attract viewers, as in the Chesterfield:."Blow Some My Way"(1926) campaign. The woman is actress Barbra Carrerra. In her performances she often played sinister femme fatale, to great effect, being very popular at the time. The woman appears to be enjoying the smoke that is blown at her. The advertisement is beautiful, full of courage and confidence, which is evident in the characters faces. Effectively, consumers believed they would resemble the characters if they smoked the same cigarettes. The writing in the advertisement is mainly a small white font placed in-between the characters which reads, “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.” This insinuates that the woman so mesmerized by the smell of the flavored cigarette, that she would follow the man anywhere he goes. Hence, this advertisement is directed toward a male audience, because they are the ones who typically want beautiful women following them. The product is displayed in the centre of the advert to make it stand out, and the man is holding the cigarette in a way that makes it fully visible. The text that is included also attracts viewers into becoming more interested in the product. This is done as the text is in a smaller font, which means the viewer would have to study the text in order to find out the information given. The wide use of punctuation is the first thing which stands out, and also creates a certain flow in the reading of the text, making the reader stop at each punctuation and exclamation point giving the information time to sink in. The diverse use of linguistic devises in the text also makes the advert more outstanding and unforgettable. For example, the use of imperatives like ‘hit’ and ‘make,’ is used to instruct the reader to smoke this cigarette. Alliteration is evident in, ‘’smoking satisfaction without inhaling smoke’’ and ‘’Different. Delicious,’’ which gives the text a smoother flow and makes it more catchy to readers. The use of repetition, especially the repeat of ‘Tipalet’ increases brand awareness and would make it easier for the viewer to memorize the company name. Lastly, aiming the text directly at the “Smokers of America” shows patriotism also being used to suggest that smoking Tipalet expresses the love for your country, followed by “do yourself a flavor” which plays on the words ‘favor’ and ‘flavor’ creating comedy through the use of a...



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