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To What Extent Is Global Warming Effective In Hong Kong?

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In this essay I will be analysing to what extent is global warming effective in Hong Kong. Global warming can be defined as climate change; it is mainly the increase in the earth’s average surface temperature. Mostly caused by manmade effects, such as greenhouse gases, which produces a lot of carbon emission. This traps a layer of heat that circulates around the globe, causing the global increase in temperature. In order to do this I will firstly consider the perspective of Hong Kong. I will also investigate what is currently happening in the US, and finally I will explore the significance of global warming on my family and myself.


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• Battery packs may be really expensive and cost thousands of dollars, unaffordable to many citizens.
In Hong Kong most of its energy sources come from fossil fuel and really little is actually renewable sources. During the recent years Hong Kong has increased the amount of sources for renewable energy including: Solar Wind Heating, Solar Voltaic, Wind Turbine and Landfill Gas Generator.) Around 4500m^2 of solar water heating panels have been placed around Hong Kong. There is also nearly 250kW Solar Voltaic activated in Hong Kong. The use of hybrid system was used to help boost the work of Wind Turbines. Out of these four renewable energy functions the one least used and known is the Landfill Gas Generator, although it is still planted in some on-site facilities.
Analysis Pros:
• There will not be as much electricity wasted and the energy is all reusable. The long-term effects will be beneficial towards the environment.
• Unlimited amount of energy available, as this energy is collected from the natural resources.
• Renewable Energy also can help provide more job opportunities, including the researching and manufacturing stage of creating new and innovative forms of electric generations.
• When you are making or building the sources, you still need materials, power and energy to build it and that will cause carbon emissions, this is also very expensive and not everyone will be able to afford it.
• The amount of energy collected may be affected by the weather. As Hong Kong's weather is so unstable, it is almost unpredictable. Similarly, if the wind or sun wasn't shining this may be a waste of production and becomes costly.
• This will affect the original landscape and habitat of the environment. Also taking up space, which can be used for other resources.
Solutions to Global Warming – Global Perspective
Recently, it has been proven that fossil fuels the second largest source of Carbon Dioxide emissions in the United States. It is around 32% of the total US emission and 27% is produced by greenhouse gases in the year 2012. One of the main sources of emission is the transportation sources, including aeroplane, ships and highway vehicles. Now the US is trying to create and even new technology or suggestions so as to lower the carbon emission. Electric vehicles and high-speed rail systems may increase the overall efficiency and decrease the air pollution created by transportations. Next generation clean cars use electrical batteries charges, also known as Hybrid Cars, so as to reduce the air pollution. At the same time it is also beneficial towards the drivers, as it is proven to have saved $1200 per year on gasoline and dependence on foreign oil. Apart from this, nationwide high-speed rail network has also become an efficient transport. According to studies from 2006, this high-speed rail could replace 29 million car trips and 500,000 plane flights annually. Reducing the carbon dioxide emission by thousands, similar to...

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