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To What Extent Is Hosting The Xxxi Olympic Games In 2016 Affects Positively For Civilians Of The Host City?

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More recently passed the closing of the Olympic Games in Sochi, and now the whole world is looking forward to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, known as marvelous city, whose government allocate huge amount of money for this event. The marvelous city has been elected in October of 2009, after the election of the hosting city among Madrid (Spain), Chicago (U.S.A), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Tokyo (Japan), becoming the first host city of the Games of the Summer Olympiad in South America. In order to be ready for hosting, the government of the Rio de Janeiro has already started to prepare for the Olympic Games, which will continue from 5th to 21st of August 2014. About ...view middle of the document...

(, in order not to “scare” the tourists, the government tries to eliminate the criminal favelas or destroy the violence in there. According to BBC World Service, in 2008 the city decided to clean up the favelas, shantytowns. That policy was known as pacification. The favelas’ residents said that the authority’s tactics were cruel. Consequently, violence was subsided. However, recently, it has been ticking up again. Apart from this the residents of smarter areas said that the violence simply shifted - when the police came on the favelas the drug gangs moved into town to make their business. Thereby, suspending the purification. To summarize, whatever the government do to clean up the city, the poverty anyway will be the part of the dwellers’ life.

In this decade Brazil, particularly Rio, will hosted two main tournaments: the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. It will more easy to Rio de Janeiro to be ready to the Olympic Games, due to World Cup, which will have been held first. Therefore, there will be several buildings already ready to use, which will save money for construction in the budget. One of the permanent Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho , well-known as the Maracana stadium will be the stage of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Also it will have the...

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