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To What Extent Is Meat Consumption Responsible For Global Warming?

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There is much to be said about how exactly meat is being produced. In the present day, there are hardly any farms out there that still practice the traditional and environmental - friendly way. Animal agriculture is widely used all over the world and greatly contributes to climate change. Meat production leads to global warming because of the combination of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. The process of raising animal is the major source to these harmful gases. It is vital to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change by reducing meat consumption. However stopping this meat eating system is extremely difficult, given that we had been consuming meat ever since our ancestors domesticated animals for that purpose. Over the decade Animal agriculture has been getting worse and worse. In 1973 when the Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz announced ‘’ what we want out of agriculture is plenty of food’’, overproduction was encouraged and lowering the price of meat was carried out; this originally started when there was a massive increase in corn (Wolfson). In order to keep up this mass production of meat, multiple pounds of grains are fed to livestock. Livestock industries depended on corn and soy based food and used over half of the artificial fertilizer used in the United States (McWilliams).
Over the years, meat eating has grown dramatically in many countries. Demand for meat production increased at a fearsome speed, which led to producers using pesticides and fertilizers on their crop. Because of our exponential population we could not begin to feed the population of the world without them. Farmers will need to increase the amount the chemicals used on their crops and animals to accelerate production process in order to meet the demands of people and will most likely take it even further by the year of 2050 (Alder). These fertilizers and pesticides are high in nitrates and whenever they are used, nitrous oxide is released into the air, creating more problems for our ozone layer. No matter where meat is produced, raising animals for food will always require more calories to be fed to them than they can produce in their flesh and with that meat comes with these consequence of greenhouse gas production as well. Every pound of meat that we consume requires a huge of crops, which could support our population more efficiently compared to meat. The crops on other hand requires the use of nitrogen containing...

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