To What Extent Is The Proposed Scottish Split From British Rule Beneficial For Either Country?

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To what extent is the proposed Scottish split from British Rule beneficial for either country?

The economical bond between England and Scotland has stood since the Acts of Union in 1707. Years of undivided companionship have convinced the majority of the world that there are no borders separating the U.K countries. This, it seems, has taken its toll on the Scottish Government. As after centuries of companionship they have decided to follow Ireland’s example and propose independence. Whether or not this was a wise move by the Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond, is up for debate. The true extent of pros and cons, although they will vary depending on public viewpoints, will be uncovered on the 18th September 2014 at the final vote count. The benefits of the proposed split, on Scotland’s side, are outweighed by the troubles that will be brought by attempting to enter the EU, the Economy and National Debt. If independence is granted, the UK will exit the split with no significant change while Scotland will face immense struggles.

The most compelling argument against independence, from an economic view, is the problem of the Euro. There is an abundance of current turmoil in several countries, where leaders are facing similar independence issues to the UK. Several international leaders, facing devolution movements, are openly hostile towards the Scottish Referendum. Those in the EU are particularly dismissive. EU rules state that those who wish to join must adopt the Euro. Britain and Denmark have exclusive permission from Brussels, which is considered to be the de facto capital of the European Union, to use independent currency. The fact that Scottish National Party (current government in power) wishes to keep the pound and simultaneously join the EU has irritated some EU members ("Scottish Independence: Key Questions"). According to EU Law, specifically the European Monetary Union, new members must adopt the Euro ("What Is the European”). The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy commented, “This is a fact. It’s neither an option a value judgment nor an opinion” ("Key Questions Answered"). This reaction is to be expected from someone who is troubled with the restlessness of devolution in his own country.

In addition to unpopularity on the continent, British parties are also dismissive of Scotland’s campaign. These include British Lib Dems, Tories and Labor Parties. According to Chancellor George Osborne, Exchequer in the Conservative - Liberal Democrat coalition government, Scotland wouldn’t be able to use the pound ("Key Questions Answered"). Despite Scotland’s attempts to keep their former currency, Chancellor George Osborne is correct. If Scotland leaves the UK to join the EU they must adopt the Euro. This is again confirmed by Jo Murkens, Professor of Law & Economics. He stated “Every new applicant state has to commit themselves in law to adopting the euro…It is a condition of membership” ("Key Questions Answered"). A comment made...

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