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To What Extent Should College Athletes Be Paid Or Not?

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A hot topic that people have been analyzing lately is whether college athletes should be paid or not. There have been convincing facts from both sides on whether these college athletes should receive pay while in school performing at their specific athletic event.
There has been considerable controversy over the past years on whether or not National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes should be paid or not. Fans, players, and the board of the NCAA all have their separate beliefs on why or why not the athletes should be paid. These young athletes work their hardest on the fields and attract millions of fans and think money fans pay to watch them perform, can go to them. The ...view middle of the document...

Considering the talent that Clowney carries, he excels himself to make it to the next level and enter the National Football League (NFL) draft. Only a junior on the team, he would have stayed to play another year with the South Carolina Gamecocks if he was being paid. Knowing Clowny has a family, he has a responsibility to take care of them and can’t do that without making money. Therefore, Clowny is choosing to enter the NFL draft because of his capable talents to do so and to make a salary to support his family. This is a viable reason the NCAA could take into consideration about whether or not to pay college athletes. They should have a limit or a certain arrangement for those who need financial assistance to support their families. This could benefit athletes because they could put 100% focus on their performance knowing their family is being taken care of, instead of having their family on their minds during game time. This however this shouldn’t be the best reasoning because not all college athletes have kids and a family. It wouldn’t be fair if college athletes with a family to support only get paid while others do not get paid. Therefore, this wouldn’t be the top viable reason to pay college athletes.
Every college athlete is given an education, and therefore since money is substituted for education, they should not be paid. “Student-athletes don’t take their academic studies seriously…The whole point of college is to get an education, so you need to focus your energy on your studies first.” The reason for college education is to obtain a distinct degree to pursue your intended career in the future. These college athletes are getting this opportunity to obtain their degree for free by playing their particular sport in college. These athletes have the opportunity to learn what interests them with free education. The reason this isn’t the best answer but makes sense is because these student-athletes choose not to focus on academics as much as their sport. There are many non-athlete students who go off to college and they have very difficult times paying to continue their education. It’s already unfair that these athletes have the opportunity to receive a free education but don’t take up that opportunity or don’t need to since the majority of D-1 athletes are drafted professionally. This also isn’t the best reason because after these former college athletes retire from their professional sport of choice, they retire with millions of dollars in their bank accounts, but that goes into a whole other controversy on whether athletes are overpaid or not. The college athlete shouldn’t be paid because they receive an...

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