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To What Extent Was Doree Controlled By Lloyd?

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In Alice Munro`s short story “Dimensions”, the main character Doree has married Lloyd and wishes of ending with “happy ever after”, but ends up getting her three children killed by daring husband. Lloyd first appears in the beginning of the story with a very favorable impression. Even though he is only few years younger than Doree`s mother, he marries Doree and gets two daughter and one son. However, Lloyd`s image of nice fatherhood falls apart in the early stage of the story. Although Lloyd treats Doree kindly at first, but it is obvious that Lloyd is controlling Doree as the story advances. In fact, Doree is caught in Lloyd’s traps in order to control Doree which makes her loyal to him, but the relation between them breaks at the end.
Lloyd is certainly not a person that most people want to hang out. He treats Doree carelessly. Even in the story it is hard to find Doree and Lloyd in a good mood. The only place where the reader can imagine Doree and Lloyd smiling is when they meet at the hospital. As a matter of fact meeting Lloyd makes Doree loyal to him. When Doree first meets Lloyd, he is a great gentleman. He is funny, has strong touch, and authoritative. He is the perfect model for most of the girls and Doree likes him more than as her mother`s friend. Doree is now completely opens her heart and made Lloyd very easy to get into her. In other word, Doree`s first impression of Lloyd made her loyal to him. In order for Lloyd to control Doree, or make her respect him, he plans a well calculated trap which he thinks it would work perfectly. The crafty trick Lloyd performs is to win Doree`s heart with a sweet word: “He kissed Doree in the elevator and told her she was flower in the dessert” (Alice Munro 6). From here, Doree is going to be controlled by Lloyd. Importantly, it was easy for Lloyd to control Doree not only because his impression is attractive, but due to that the image of Lloyd in Doree`s mind is fixed with “nice” Lloyd. Even if Lloyd treats her terribly, this image of Lloyd helps Doree being loyal keeps being controlled by him.
Even though Doree has fallen into Lloyd's trap, he doesn’t reveal his true personality until their third children, Dimitri, is born. Lloyd keeps his nice attractive character outside in order to make Doree more allure to him. He decides to expose his character when his children are born because he thinks that even if he reveals his true personality, he is certain that Doree would still be with him. It could be said that even with Lloyd’s awful behavior, Doree stays with him because Lloyd controls her. Doree now fully trusts Lloyd and believes that he is the correct person. She is almost being close to brainwashed:
Lloyd had a certain way of looking at things; that was just how he was. Even when she’d first met him, in the hospital, he’d been like that. The head nurse was a starchy sort of person, so he’d called her Mrs....

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