To What Extent Wealth Equate Happiness

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TTo what extent does richness equivalence to prosperity? When we ask about this proposition to other people, a lot of responses and comments arise as such some agree and some disagree. Polls obtained from website shows that 54% disagree to this statement and 46% agree that wealth does equal to happiness. Richness can be defined as a person with affluence of luxury belongings examples money or houses. Prosperity means the emotional state by which people feel positively cheerful. Arguably, to some points wealth does not equals to happiness because 1) money cannot buy love or happiness, 2) wealthier people easily devalue what they have, 3)happiness and satisfaction are two different terms and lastly rich people always feel depressed and insecure. Conversely, under different circumstances, wealth does equate to happiness as money is use as a tool to acquire happiness and joy.
“Money can’t buy us happiness”, Jessie J lyric in her song price tag; money cannot buy us love or happiness. Love and happiness come from the person’s inner heart. For instances we need to know them better. Moreover, some Psychologists also stated that money cannot buy us love as we need to be connected with the person to be parts of their life. Just imagine some people be our partner just for the sake of our money or possession of valuable things. Then after we lost it all, they just leave us. Hence, wealth does not equate with happiness.
Moreover, rich people easily devalue what they have. For them things easily appear and disappear. According to Penec (2008), an Economist suggested that when all people get richer, people tend to get unsatisfied of what they owned. It shows that people usually involve in a race to be richer. For instances, when they have a Toyota car, then their neighbours had a BMW vehicle, so they forced themselves to buy more expensive car like Mercedes regardless of their car still functioning properly. Consequently,this kind of attitude is not bringing cheerfulness but rather the feeling of competence. Apparently, wealth is not equivalence to happiness.
Moreover, most people misuse the words happiness and satisfaction. Wealth does balance with the term satisfies but not the word happy. A research done by a PhD student, Hershfield suggested that words ‘happiness’ and ‘satisfaction’ are two different definitions where richer countries do not primarily happier but they are more appeased with their lives. For example, people felt satisfied when they able to buy things that they demanded but it do not mean that they are happy. Furthermore, Hershfield in his points...

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