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To What Extent Are The Tragic Characters, Romeo And Juliet Responsible For Their Own Fate.

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To what extent are the tragic characters, Romeo and Juliet responsible for their own fate. The Elizabethan play 'Romeo and Juliet' written by William Shakespeare, depicts a tragic story of the offspring of two enemy's who fell in love. Their lust driven love caused them to be held responsible for their deaths along with the choices they made influenced off their ongoing, ancient family feud that they were brought up in, causing them to keep their love a secret. The family feud also ignited fire and anger in characters such as Tybalt causing deaths and tragedy. Chance also played a considerable role in Romeo and Juliet's fate as they met by chance and fell deeply in love. This impacted the choices they made, influencing the path taken towards their fate. Romeo the young son of the Montague household has a reputation of falling in and out if love easily. He begins deeply in love with Rosaline but forgets all about her as soon as he sees Juliet. This makes the audience wonder whether he actually loved Juliet or just her appearance. 'Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night'. (Act I scene 1) As both Romeo and Juliet we quite young they may not have known much about love, or have much experience with it. Their relationship was based on their youthful knowledge of love which also could be seen as a lust for each other considering that they glanced at each other and immediately we "in love". This strong desire for love lead both Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves, as they could not imagine marrying another. Romeo and Juliet were both brought up in an unexplained, ongoing family feud. This hatred between both families made the love between the two teens a dangerous secret which followed them to their deaths. 'My love sprung from my only hate' (act I scene 5). The actions of characters such as Tybalt, were also highly...

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